Freshman of the Year

The staff picks SMU basketball's Freshman Player of the Year!

Billy's Pick: Ben Moore

The SMU front court was loaded with quality depth this season and the team saw contributions from almost every forward this year. Moore came off the bench and provided energy and physicality even as a lanky, 6-8, 200-pound freshman. When Moore was contributing quality minutes, SMU was at its best it seemed. Moore averaged over six points and three rebounds a game and although he his minutes went down in the NIT tournament after the UC-Irvine win, Moore was SMU's best freshman. His coming out party was in SMU's loss to Arkansas when he added 19 points and he quickly became a fan favorite. Moore will likely use the end of this season though as motivation to improve his consistency, but there's no doubt that SMU's season wouldn't have been as successful without the quality production the team received from him for most of this year.

Omar's Pick: Ben Moore

Although I love Sterling Brown's game, I would go with Ben Moore for freshman of the year because of the terrific job he did making an impact off the bench this season. Moore averaged 6.2 points and 3.6 rebounds per game while shooting a team-high 62 percent from the field. He started the season off especially well, winning multiple AAC Freshman of the Week awards, and cooled off a bit on offense towards the end of the season. However, Moore improved a lot defensively and always brought a spark off the bench for the Mustangs. Larry Brown was very complimentary of Moore throughout the year and trusted him a lot in late game situations because of his ability to rebound and handle the ball. For a freshman, Moore did a great job going up against some really good defensive teams in the AAC and he has a lot to build on for next season. I like all the players from SMU's class of 2013, but I think Ben Moore was the best this year.

Adam's Pick: Ben Moore

Keith Frazier got all of the headlines but Ben Moore was SMU's best freshman this year. His steady contributions from the bench became all the more important when Yanick Moreira got hurt. Moore's offensive boards and decision-making with the ball in his hands made him a valuable player in Larry Brown's rotation. While fellow frosh Sterling Brown started for the Mustangs, it was Moore who was playing during crunch time at the end of games, which underscores the trust Brown has in the young power forward.

Scott's Pick: Ben Moore

Keith Frazier came on strong towards the end of the season and into post-season play, but Ben Moore was the most consistent freshman for SMU. The big man from Chicago averaged 6.2 points and 3.6 rebounds in just 14.8 minutes a game. Moore was also someone who took advantage of the opportunities given to him, shooting 61 percent form the field while also being the highest scoring freshman for the Mustangs. Moore made an impact whenever he was on the floor, and following an off-season where he can get stronger and more acclimated to Larry Brown's system, the big man should contribute even more next season.

Beionny's Pick: Sterling Brown

This was hard for me because one could make the case for Moore or Brown in my opinion. I pick Brown because he played more minutes and made more impact on a game-by-game basis. Both of these players had impeccable work ethic and intensity from the minute they checked into the game until they were subbed back out. Both of them were fearless on the glass and you seldom saw rookie mistakes or ill-advised moves once the basketball was in their hands. Moore brought more on the offensive side but Brown brought everything else. From his excellent passing, to his defense, to his awareness of his teammates and even his determination to pass up good shots for better ones. Brown added so much value because he was big enough to hold his own against forwards, but quick and athletic enough to step up against guards as well. If he were to become aggressive on offense, he could really become a monster.

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