Randle Gets First Visit from SMU

Rodney Randle met with an SMU coach when he stopped by Randle's school. See how it went inside!

SMU landed a big running back in Daniel Gresham late in the 2014 class, but with SMU quarterback coach visiting 2015 5-9, 175-pound running back Rodney Randle, SMU may be looking for more of a scat back as well.

Randle's defensive coordinator at Ozen Beaumont HS (TX) pulled him out of class to meet Morrison and Randle really enjoyed his time getting to know Morrison.

"He (Morrison) wanted me to come to Dallas for camp in either June or July," Randle said. "We were talking about track and we were really just talking about track and the 40 time and what position I would be playing at the next level."

While the two talked about where he may fit at the next level, Morrison didn't say where the SMU staff would have him in college, but left impressed with his low-4.5, high-4.4 40-yard dash times.

"He hasn't talked with me about that yet. My coach told me my track times and he told me based off my track times that he knows I'm an explosive athlete," Randle said. "My coach did tell him I could play both sides of the ball."

Randle is extremely confident and pointed out his strengths on both sides of the ball.

"I can run the ball with great vision, I can catch really well and I can block," Randle said. "Defensively, I have great instincts and great aggressiveness and toughness."

While Randle doesn't have any offers and Morrison didn't talk about offering, Morrison told him he'd keep in contact, but also told him that it's not about size or your 40-time when it comes to SMU.

"He was talking about that receiver, Beasley, and how size doesn't matter or how fast of a 40 you have," Randle said. "They have a good coaching staff all together. I like their staff and I like coach Morrison as an individual."

Randle did a little bit of research on SMU beforehand and was most impressed with the academic side of the school.

"Academic-wise, all the athletes on the football team graduate and get their degrees," Randle said. "I have heard a lot about great things from my research earlier about SMU."

Randle never sent SMU film and hadn't heard from the staff until the visit Monday, but is extremely interested along with the other schools, Houston, North Texas, Tulsa and New Mexico that have been showing interest in him.

Ozen Beaumont is on their third head coach in three years, but new coach David Suggs may provide Randle with an opportunity to showcase his skills more.

"He's talking about running the ball a lot and that's a great opportunity for me to show him I can run the ball," Randle said. "I let him know in our 1-on-1 meeting that I can defense too, where I play at the next level, either cornerback or safety."

Ozen Beaumont isn't going through spring practice since the team just got Suggs as their coach after a lot of controversy, but Randle is looking forward to hitting the camp circuit and improving his technique on defense over the summer.

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