Turner's Decision Day: Who Will He Pick?

The PonyStampede staff sounds off on where they think the Euless Trinity 5-star big man will end up!

Billy's Pick: Kansas

I'm taking Bill Self's ability to develop prospects long term, not just over the course of one year in case Turner isn't a one-and-done. While Turner's favorite player is Kevin Durant and the ties to Texas are deep, their entire starting five returns and Self is more accomplished at preparing players for the next level. Not discounting Larry Brown's NBA pedigree and Hall of Fame career, but Self has been able to take one-and-dones and players that need more developing and turn them into successful pros. He'd be a god at Texas, but in terms of exposure, ability to maximize his time and overall environment, he'd be best prepared by Self in Kansas.

Omar's Pick: Texas

I'm pretty split between Texas and Kansas, but I'll go with the Longhorns. I think Turner feels a connection to the Texas program and believes he would make a huge impact there. Although its hard to bet against Bill Self, I lean Texas over Kansas because I think he would rather stay in-state and be close to his family. Turner also loves Kevin Durant and could see himself having a similar career in Austin. The Longhorns will return a very good team from last year and Turner could be the final piece to take them over the top. I'm not worried about SMU at all because they will be pretty loaded next season either way with the additions of Emmanuel Mudiay and Jordan Tolbert. It would hurt a little bit to lose such a talented kid from the DFW area, but I think Turner has always wanted to go to a bigger school than SMU. To me, Texas seems like the best fit for what he wants.

Adam's Pick: Texas

Throughout his recruitment, Turner has consistently displayed a "big-time recruit mentality," culminating with Wednesday's announcement on ESPN. I don't expect this mentality to change as Turner makes his decision. Texas A&M's stage is not big enough for the five-star center. Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, and SMU have too many players clogging the depth chart to guarantee Turner the playing time he expects for himself. And Oklahoma State does not have the quality of coach to prepare him for the next level, which he has repeatedly said will be a major factor for him. For these reasons, I predict Turner will pick Texas. He will earn a starting spot with the Longhorns the second the ink dries on his letter of intent. Rick Barnes is a stable coach who, while not on the same level as Larry Brown, Mike Krzyewski, or Bill Self, will still help Turner develop as a player. The Longhorn Network will give Turner the exposure to become a brand name before he leaves for the NBA Draft after his freshman season. And it does not hurt that his mom happens to be a Texas alum.

Scott's Pick: Texas

I thought for a while SMU had the advantage, and I still think there's a shot he ends up on the Hilltop, but Texas has always had the edge. The post on Orangebloods, although might not be completely true, seems to have some validity to it, and Myles has always valued his parents' opinions throughout this process, which makes me think: if his mom or dad wants him at a school like Texas, he going to end up at Texas. And while some players (i.e.: Keith Frazier) may like Larry Brown's "We will be good, with or without you" approach, I don't think Turner is one of those players. Myles wants to be courted and he wants to play for a big-time school, which is why I think in the end Texas wins his services.

Beionny's Pick: Kansas

When Joel Embid decided that he would leave for the NBA Draft, Kansas re-emerged as a strong candidate for Turner's services. At Kansas, Turner would be paired with another excellent freshman in Cliff Alexander, creating an exceptional front court. Turner is also understanding of the fact that he may not necessarily be a "one-and-done" player. He needs a proven coach excellent at developing NBA talent and It doesn't get much better than Bill Self. Although Emmanuel Mudiay has tried for months to persuade Turner to come to SMU, ultimately, I don't believe that he envisioned himself playing for anything less than a Big-12, Big-10, PAC-12 or ACC type of stage, and it might be a little too close for his comfort as well. At the end of the day, Bill Self, Jerrance Howard, and the history and tradition that is KU basketball will be too much to turn down. Turner goes to Rochchalk nation.

Patrick's Pick: Texas

Myles Turner's recruitment has been interesting to follow. Almost all the schools that he is considering are major players for him, and each offers something that none of the others can. If Turner wants to go one-and-done – as many have speculated he does – then playing time will be a big factor. That's where Kansas has a big advantage. With Joel Embiid off to the NBA, the Jayhawks have no clear starter at center, and Turner could step in and play a ton of minutes. Kansas has a lot of talent returning and incoming, and a great supporting cast may bring out the best in Turner. He and fellow big man Cliff Alexander are different types of players and could form a dangerous pair, especially in Bill Self's offense. SMU and Texas certainly have a supporting cast and system in which Turner could succeed, but both have a lot of depth down low, so playing time would be harder to find. Despite the crowded frontcourt, Texas has been mentioned as the most likely destination. Like SMU, it's not far from home, and he's visited it the most and has a strong relationship with the Longhorns players and coaches.

I can't see Turner signing with SMU, although I certainly won't rule it out. I think the Mustangs big advantage is Emmanuel Mudiay. Turner recently played with Mudiay at the Jordan Brand Classic. Great big men love playing with great point guards, and Mudiay is the best point guard on any team Turner is considering. Kansas offers a golden opportunity to start, and that's likely a priority for him. But recruiting is all about relationships, and I think the relationships he has formed with the Texas players and coaches will be what sways him to wear the burnt orange next season. The Longhorns are no stranger to producing great NBA players, and even with the presence of Cameron Ridely, Turner will get plenty of playing time.

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