Get to Know: Shelby Walker

Come inside to get to know the latest signee in SMU's 2014 class!

After watching the NFL draft this past weekend, wide receiver and soon-to-be graduate of Houston Lamar (TX) Shelby Walker, is determined as ever to make a big name for himself.

"I was watching the draft man and those cats are blessed," Walker said. "They've come a long way because of football. A lot of people don't realize how bad you have to want it.

"Some people say they like football and some people say they love football but college is the ultimate test – and I love the game."

That love has manifested into little fun and lots of work this semester for the 18 year old who works a part-time job when he isn't at school or at the gym.

Walker will be attending SMU alongside Lamar teammates Braylon Hyder, Kyran Mitchell and quarterback Darrell Colbert. Walker says he and his signal caller have been spending a lot of time together on the field and they will be bringing that familiarity with them this summer.

"Just working out with my quarterback, developing chemistry, making sure I'm running my routes in full shape and not lolly-gagging halfway through the route tree," Walker said.

"I got a job at Free Birds so I work there four or five times a week when I'm not working out. That's my fun."

The receiver best known for his attributes as a burner, says he won't know how fast he really is until he steps on to the practice field this summer where everybody has speed.

With college opening a new chapter in his life, Walker doesn't know what to expect. He just knows that he will be ready to earn his keep.

"We're excited for something new, different people, adjusting to what's around us," Walker said. "For the most part we come from a different environment and that's what we want to bring to SMU.

"Hard work is really the only thing we expect – and competition. That's all college is man, competition. The best man plays – so if we're doing what we're supposed to do, we should be on the field."

Quick Hits

Favorite food: Seafood "Fish, shrimp, crawfish, all types of seafood."

Drink: Juice, Gatorade and Hawaiian Punch

Music: Hip-Hop

Musical artist: Lil' Wayne

Pregame music: Lil' Wayne or Bob Marley

Pregame ritual: Always listens to "Best Thing Yet" by Lil' Wayne.

Favorite travel/city experience: Las Vegas

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?: Twitter

Favorite Movie: Boyz N The Hood, 300, Elysium

Non-football sport: Boxing and Soccer

Little known fact: In high school he thought he would be the next Carmelo Anthony. Played a lot of basketball.

Superstitions: If he scores while wearing a pair of gloves, he will wear them every game until he doesn't score anymore. Afterwards he relegates those gloves to practice gloves and he gets a new pair.

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