Davis Lists SMU as, "Right Up There"

5-star big man Tyler Davis talked about how Nike EYBL season is going and where SMU stands!

SMU could recruit the entire Texas Titans AAU squad and have a very solid class for 2015. One of the most highly recruited players is center Tyler Davis, who has been playing well on the EYBL circuit.

"It's very good to just be back and be playing in the EYBL," Davis said at the Nike EYBL Dallas. "Every game you have good competition, good coaching so it's just good to have all these people, great atmosphere. It's just good to be playing in the top level again."

Davis has helped the Titans to a 9-3 record so far this season, averaging 13.5 points per game on close to 60 percent shooting and 6.2 rebounds per game while averaging over 21 minutes a game.

Stats aside, this season is all about one goal for Davis and the Titans.

"Just winning and getting to Peach Jam again really. Lead my team and just win games every weekend," Davis said.

If there is one personal goal, it's simple.

"Just be the best player in the country. That's what I want to work towards," Davis said. "I missed a year, had knee surgery and sat out, but I'm back in it now and my game is really developing so that's what I'm trying to improve on."

And for the knee? Davis said it feels great, is about 95 percent and swells every now and again, but that's, "normal."

His knee hasn't stopped a host of schools from coming after the big man and coming after him hard.

"Right now, I talk to a lot of coaches, but I'm not really thinking about it too much. After EYBL, I'll start cutting my list to my five officials, but I'm not thinking about it too much," Davis said. "They can text us and call us still, but now it's just, I'm more about getting my game together. It's always good to have coaches talking to you though."

One school that has kept in contact with Davis on a regular basis is SMU. Davis was impressed with the jump the program made under Brown and has a great relationship with them.

"Like coach Scott (Pospichal) always says they just made a huge jump. Coach Brown changed things and changed the culture. He changed the way the players work and the players play," Davis said. "Coach Maligi is a great person and they have a great staff. In a few years, they're going to be playing for a national championship if they get the players they're looking to get."

Davis is confident in Brown's ability to create a winning program and players that can take their game to the next level.

"It would be big. It would be huge to play for coach Brown because he's so experienced and just knows so much," Davis said. "He can use us to the best of our abilities and make us better than what we are. It's just that a lot of players would like to play for him."

One of his Titans teammates, King McClure, didn't end up pledging to SMU, but even though McClure and other Titans teammate, D.J. Hogg, have talked about going to the same school, Davis is focused on where he needs to go.

"I'm not worried about anyone else really because at the end of the day, I gotta go where's best for me and who's going to help develop my game the best so that's really is all it is about for me," Davis said.

The place that's best for Davis may be closest to home to stay close to his mother. When asked if SMU would definitely be in his top five, he grinned and talked about the two schools closest to home.

"Of course. They're close to home. Baylor is close to home too so of course they're up there, but my family wants me to stay close so they can come out and watch," the 6-11, 240 pound big man said. "I've got a single mom so she won't be able to go so she wants me to be here and they'd offer me a great education too so all that plays into it. Coach Brown is a great coach so of course they're up there."

Just how important is staying close to mom? Davis says it's everything.

"Very important to me. She's just been with me my whole life so it's very important to what she says, what she thinks and how she feels. so that'll play a big part into what I go into where I go."

Davis has said he would like to make a decision after EYBL and before his senior season starts.

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