Embody Evaluations

Publisher Billy Embody breaks down three SMU prospects in his latest Embody Evaluations!

Ken Marks- 2015 OT, Beaumont Central HS (TX)

Athleticism/Technique: Marks' footwork is what impressed me right off the bat. Marks uses short chop steps to stay with his opponents, even though he isn't usually going up against the true speed pass rusher as a right tackle. Marks displays the athleticism in space to cut block, get his helmet right under an opposing player's chin strap and also explode upwards through a defender.

Run Blocking: Beaumont Central doesn't pass as much as most teams do now, but Marks plays a lot in a two-point stance, allowing him to transition easily into SMU's scheme. Marks is a fierce run blocker, who is explosive through the point of contact. Marks does a good job at turning players out at the line of scrimmage to create holes. Marks will need to add some weight to be solid in the running game. Sometimes his hands get outside of the numbers on the jersey, which is cause for a little concern.

Pass Blocking: Marks quick feet and solid technique in the passing game will help him in SMU's Run-n-Shoot scheme. Marks' short steps help him keep pass rushers in front of him. Marks could be more explosive into pass rushers when they come at him, but that will come with getting stronger and better technique.

Side Note:Nevada, Louisiana Tech, UT-San Antonio, Sam Houston State and Texas State are showing interest in Marks, but he lists graduating as his number one factor in picking a school.

Offers:North Texas and SMU.

HT: 6-4
WT: 270
40-Yard Dash: 5.4
Marks' Highlights

Marcus McNeil- 2015 OG, San Antonio Madison HS (TX)

Athleticism/Technique:With McNeil's size, he's not as mobile as a lot of the SMU line prospects, but shows an ability to pull and do an adequate job getting through the hole to the next level. McNeil does a good job at moving his feet, but you'd like to see him get under his opponents a little better especially in pass blocking. McNeil is an extremely physical guard though and displays solid strength especially in the run game.

Run Blocking: McNeil does a good job locking up with opponents at the point of contact, but needs to do a better job at staying with defenders. McNeil can easily overpower defenders when in a stalemate situation, but his size is really what allows him to do that. Needs to do a better job at extending his arms because he allows opponents into his pads a little too much.

Pass Blocking: There isn't a lot of pass blocking film on McNeil, but he does turn players out a little better than you'd think with his size. McNeil also shows a willingness to go down the field and block on screen passes. With McNeil's arm length, he'll have to use his hands better to keep pass rushers off of him.

Side Note:The athlete has started to hear from a few programs, including Duke and Arkansas, and is also looking at some West Coast schools: Stanford, California, and UCLA.


HT: 6-2
WT: 300
McNeil's Highlights

Jonathan Pollock- 2016 OLB, Dr. Phillips HS (Fla.)

Technique:Pollock needs to do a better job at chopping his feet so he can keep them under him when making tackles. Pollock has all the athleticism you want in an outside linebacker, but may be more suited in a 4-3 because he doesn't have great size for an outside backer. Pollock definitely plays with an edge, wanting to be the most physical player on the field.

Versus the Pass: In the passing game, Pollock has an okay zone drop. It doesn't look like he plays in much man-to-man coverage, but with his speed, has the ability to run with tight ends. Isn't afraid to come off the edge and try to strip the ball from the quarterback to make a play instead of just being happy with a sack. Pollock can stay low to get by offensive linemen off the edge to pressure the quarterback.

Versus the Run: Pollock is one that works well in the space of the line of scrimmage, dodging blockers to be able to make the tackle. Pollock is a tackling machine, always around the ball and in on the tackle. Pollock does do a good job of forcing plays inside, where his help is so his defense can gang tackle. Needs to work on squaring up at the point of attack so he doesn't arm tackle as much though.

Side Note:Pollock is an Mississippi State commit, but said he will take all his visits to make sure that Mississippi State is the place for him.

Offers:Mississippi State, Akron, Memphis, North Carolina and SMU.

HT: 5-11
WT: 190
40-Yard Dash: 4.66
20-Yard Shuttle: 4.31
Vertical Jump: 32"
Jonathan's Highlights

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