Kearns Close to Decision, High on SMU

3-star QB Kyle Kearns has "very high" interest in SMU. Does that mean a decision is coming soon?

With an offensive head coach in June Jones, it is always important to recruit good quarterbacks to run the attack.

For this reason, SMU coaches have put a lot of effort into recruiting three-star 2015 quarterback Kyle Kearns of Foothill (CA).

The effort has paid off because Kearns did not hesitate when asked his interest in SMU.

"Very high. Really like their offense, really like June Jones and (quarterbacks coach Dan) Morrison, and their staff is great. They have one of the nicest staffs that I've ever talked to," Kearns said. "I really like SMU and the Hilltop. It doesn't get much better than that. It's a great scene there and a great college."

Morrison and secondary coach Derrick Odum have been recruiting Kearns and keep in regular contact with the rising senior; both coaches talk to him on the phone once a week.

Kearns described his relationship with the coaches as "strong."

"Coach Morrison and Coach Odum are extremely down-to-earth guys. I really like that about a staff," Kearns said.

Kearns visited SMU in early April and got a feel for the school and the team.

"When I visited I got to find out what their offense is about," Kearns said. "You can see all of the rebuilding and construction they are doing (on campus). They told me about the new indoor facility they are going to build. Overall it's just a beautiful campus full of tradition and would be a great place to live.

"Their football facilities are nice. Everything is close together. You can go from the meeting rooms to the stadium so it's nice."

As of now, Kearns only holds an SMU offer but the Wake Forest coaching staff has told him he will get one from them soon. He also has been hearing a lot from Colorado

Kearns says he hopes to make a decision soon.

"Right now I've only got the SMU offer but I'm not going to drag it out very long. I know they're very high on me," Kearns said. "I'm probably going to make a decision soon but I'm not sure what date. I'm going to Colorado this weekend and Wake Forest has been talking to me a lot so I might go visit out there. After I see those three campus I should have my mind made up. I'm going to go to these three schools and broaden my perspective and make the right decision."

Kearns is built like a quarterback: 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds. When asked to describe his game, he offered up three traits: "Toughness, accuracy, and intelligence."

"I'd say those three things are probably the most important in a quarterback," Kearns said. "How smart are you (and) when you drop back how quick you make a decision. Standing in the pocket and taking one underneath the chin or moving to get a first down."

With that in mind, Kearns feels he will fit right into Jones's Run-n-Shoot attack.

"I know I have the arm strength because in Pop Warner I used to throw the ball forty, fifty times a game (like SMU). I feel like I have the type of arm they're looking for and I feel like I can make all the throws," Kearns said.

"From when I watch their film, one of the things that they do is the defense shows them the play. One play call, four different plays just based off what the defense shows you coverage-wise. It's a great offense and June Jones was one of the original guys to do it. I feel like I could run it pretty well."

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