FREE: Kearns Commits to SMU!

Adam talked with Foothill (Calif.) 3-star QB Kyle Kearns, who pulled the trigger & committed to SMU!

After a visit to Colorado this weekend, three-star Foothill (Calif.) quarterback Kyle Kearns decided to commit to SMU Tuesday.

"I visited Colorado and that was pretty much the school I would have chosen if I liked it. I just didn't feel the same way as in Dallas. Coach June Jones just has such a reputation to his name in that Run-n-Shoot offense that I fit into very well," Kearns said. "He doesn't waiver on the type of quarterback he likes. He knows what wins them games and they never waivered with me. I'm the only quarterback they've offered besides one other guy and they offered me first. So they stuck by me and I just felt it was time to make up my mind. I sat down with my parents last night and really just went over the things that I want in a college and SMU fit all the criteria."

This criteria ranged from the team itself to the school to the surrounding area.

"First and foremost, the academics. Private school, 47 percent acceptance rate, exclusive school, very prestigious. It's got a very good name for itself," Kearns said. "I saw the Cox School of Business when I visited and that's what I'm going to major in. Very good business school that's going to open a lot of doors and internships and network with people that will open doors for me to get a nice job."

"The (NFL) is a tough business to get into so you have to have a backup plan."

"Second is the football team. Like I said before, Coach Jones's offense. I can work with coach (Dan) Morrison every day. He's already like a father-figure to me and he greets you with open arms and treats you the way you want to be treated. And it doesn't really get any better than Highland Park and Dallas. It was just a great city and I loved it when I visited there. It felt like a home away from home."

When he called the SMU staff this morning, Kearns says they were "fired up."

"They were ecstatic. They were so happy to get me, I was the guy they wanted from the start and they were excited I was going to be a Mustang," Kearns said.

Kearns already has spoken with another recent SMU commit, Billy Ray McCrary.

"I talked with McCrary last night and told him I was I going to commit. We got to talk on Twitter and we're going to be talking to the coaching staff and doing our recruiting as well," Kearns said.

Kearns said that his Foothill teammate, highly touted defensive back Isaiah Langley, is a "long shot" to come to SMU but he will still help the coaching staff with recruiting.

"We need to talk with the coaches. We need to figure out the top priorities and who they want to recruit," Kearns said.

Kearns plans on going back out to Dallas to visit campus soon.

"I want to get out there soon with my whole family. It was just me and my dad last time so I know my two brothers and my sister want to come and see what Dallas is, see Highland Park. They would love it," Kearns said.

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