6/16 Pony Stampede Mailbag

The Pony Stampede staff answers one question from the board in this week's mailbag round table!

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this class? I think the Irving Nimitz bros really gave this class a boost. Kearns and Proche are solid and even though I'm not a huge fan of McCrary, he's still better than what they've been landing the last couple of years. The others are the same kinds of diamonds in the rough IMO. Curious to get y'all's thoughts. -PonyBoss

Billy's Response:I'm going to go with a 7. It's a solid start at building a class that doesn't really have too many spots available it seems like. Kearns and Proche have the opportunity to be a great tandem for the Mustangs. In my mind, this class still needs to land a disruptive nose tackle that can be a force. Doing that much would make this class a 8 at least in terms of filling needs. There are around 10 spots it appears based on the listed seniors so keep that in mind. It will be a tight class, but there's plenty of speed in it and of course, it would never hurt to add one or two more in the trenches. The diamonds in the rough have plenty of speed or are very raw so if those can develop, the 2015 class will be coach June Jones' best, even if it is the smallest.

Omar's Response: I'm going to give it an 8. It's by far the best class I've seen June Jones land at SMU since I've been here but I don't think I can go much higher than that. Three-stars like Kearns, Proche, and McCrary are great additions that fill out the top of the class nicely, but I especially liked landing Michael Scott. He held multiple other offers that SMU beat out and I think he could end up being the best player from this whole class. Nothing else really jumps out at me with this group because the rest of the guys are similar to the recruits we've been getting recently. It's also important to note this grade is sort of "incomplete" until we see if any players decide to decommit. It's been a problem in the past, so it's always in the back of my mind.

Scott's Response: I'd give the class a 7.5 as of now. I absolutely love the additions of the Scott brothers (providing they stay committed). As long as they put on a little weight, their size and length will likely allow them to see the field as freshman, and I think by sophomore year they will be big contributors. I could see June redshirting Delontae, allowing him to bulk even more, but Michael should get immediate playing time. Kearns, Proche and McCrary are all solid adds and Proche's commitment keeps the steady pipeline SMU has started to build to Prime Prep. Like PonyBoss said, the other commits remind me more of guys we've had in previous classes, but Marvis Brown is a guy to keep an eye on. He's got a quick first step and you can't teach size (6-foot-6, 320-pounds).

Adam's Response:For where SMU has set the bar the last couple seasons in recruiting, I'd rate it a 7. Just in general, probably a 5. That rating has to do with the "diamonds in the rough" PonyBoss mentioned, but at least now SMU is getting these players like O.J. Clark and Cristian Williams from Dallas instead of Houston or out-of-state so that SMU can build relationships with the Dallas schools. Offensively, this class only needs a running back and another offensive lineman. James Proche and Kyle Kearns could become one of the great quarterback-receiver combos in SMU history if all goes according to plan, and Billy Ray McCrary is a great complimentary receiver. I've seen Lamont Johnson run drills before and he is a tough guy who has good body control. I think he is an underrated get. Defensively is where this class needs work. The Scott brothers are a huge addition but the Mustangs will desperately need secondary help in 2015.

Patrick's Response:I'd give this class a 6. I don't think it's a stretch to call it the best class in the June Jones era. I get goose bumps thinking of what James Proche will do in SMU's offense, and I love the addition of pass rushers in the Scott brothers. Great job by the coaches landing Kyle Kearns and strengthening the California pipeline. The Darrell Miller mixup is the only thing that brings the ranking down, because I believe SMU had a good chance of getting him. He's one of the DFW area's best corners on DFW's best team. Anyway, there's a lot of talent in this group, and I think every player will make an impact for the Mustangs. Solid job by the coaches.

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