2016 point guard has SMU in top two

2016 PG Dashawn McDowell raved to Omar about SMU and his interest in playing for Larry Brown!

It's been said time and time again that point guard play is very important under SMU coach Larry Brown.

With that in mind, it's never too early to look ahead and see which players could lead the Mustangs in the future.

One possible candidate in the class of 2016 is point guard Dashawn McDowell from Southeast High School (Okla).

The Mustangs recently offered the 6-foot-5, 182 pounder and Coach Brown has driven to Oklahoma City to watch McDowell play multiple times.

"SMU is definitely in my top two right now," McDowell said. "They could even be number one right now, but they are definitely in my top two. The other school I really like is Wake Forest."

McDowell isn't very familiar with the Mustangs and said he didn't get a chance to watch them play last season. However, he said his AAU coach, Avery West, raves about them, so McDowell wants to learn more about them.

"My interest in SMU is high right now," he said. "Of course, Larry Brown is a Hall of Fame coach, so it would be incredible to play for him. Emmanuel Mudiay is a big part of it, too. That's a great player and a great coach."

McDowell doesn't have any relationship with Mudiay, but looks up to him because their similar styles of play. He said he hopes to get a chance to meet the five-star point guard sometime in the near future.

"We have similar styles of play. I know he is young, but he is actually one of my favorite basketball players. No lie," McDowell said. "I follow him a lot. He's just an incredible player on the court and person off the court."

McDowell's only other offers are from Tulsa and Weber State. However, he says he has interest from "a bunch of schools" including Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Baylor, Texas A&M, Oregon, and more.

McDowell is excited to get the opportunity to meet Larry Brown and his staff. He says the fact Brown came to watch him play is a major compliment.

"They have been to a couple of my games and I have talked to them a little bit, but not enough to actually get to know them well or anything yet," he said. "My coach informed me about their offer and he likes what they're doing down there."

Right now, McDowell is focused on improving and developing his game. He is hoping to pick up a few more offers before beginning the process of narrowing down his list of potential schools.

"Of course, I'm a big academics guy. I want to make sure the learning foundation is good and there is a family atmosphere wherever I go," McDowell said. "I want it to make sure it feels like home, but it's still pretty early."

McDowell averaged 29.2 points per game last year at Southeast HS and is considered one of the best young players in the state. When asked to describe his game, McDowell wasn't shy about his strengths.

"I'm a big body point guard. I get to the basket easy. My pull up jumper is nice. I love passing and making my teammates better," he said. "I can score, I'm vocal, and I play defense. I'm pretty much the whole package." A

lthough he sounds like a complete point guard, there are parts of his game McDowell hopes to improve before next season. He will be playing with the Dallas Mustangs in AAU throughout the summer and hopes to become a more consistent outside shooter.

"Right now, my three ball is still developing. I'm steady working on that," he said. "I'm also working on keeping my stamina up to be able to play through the whole game."

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