6/24 Pony Stampede Mailbag

The Pony Stampede staff answers your questions inside this week's mailbag. The latest topic, will JaBryce Taylor be back at SMU?

Any new word as to what's going on with JaBryce Taylor and if there's ever a chance he'll be back? Are they just letting this thing run it's course? Was just about the only freshmen last year I got excited about. –WhiskeyPony

Billy's Response: I don't think it's going to happen. I know Taylor was one of SMU's most promising players and I'm sure he feels terrible about the situation, but it's something I don't think coach Jones is entertaining. SMU will need Jeremiah Gaines and Der'rikk Thompson to step up on the outside. The staff will probably look to freshmen to step up as well.

Omar's Response: As far as I know, Taylor is gone for good. I was asked by SMU PR in March to not get into specifics about his release, but I will tell you that he lied to the SMU coaching staff about a relationship he had with a female student-athlete. Junes Jones and his staff are trying to build a family atmosphere surrounding the program and have a strict policy about being dishonest. Taylor will get a second chance somewhere and I'm pretty sure it will start at the JUCO level. It definitely hurts to lose such a talented, young player, but I can't blame SMU for removing him. The kid did something wrong and lied about it. It's just unfortunate.

Scott's Response: JaBryce is a huge loss for SMU, but I don't think there's anyway June lets him back on the team. If it is true he lied to June, that's very hard, if not impossible, to come back from. Like Omar reported when this all first came to light, I'd assume Taylor would head the JUCO route for this season and then try and find another home in 2015.

Adam's Response: From what I remember, Omar dug up that JaBryce lied to June when he got in trouble. I don't think we'll be seeing him in an SMU uniform anytime soon.

Patrick's Response: Taylor was an exciting player in limited time last year, and I think he was primed to see a big increase in snaps in 2014, so his absence will hurt. When the news broke about his dismissal from the team, I heard he would be going to Junior College. However I haven't heard anything and can't find anything that says where he will go.

It's hard to tell if he will be back; I'd be surprised if he or the coaches were thinking about a potential return when he was kicked off. In my opinion, I don't think he would be back. By the time he would be eligible to come back, SMU should have some good depth and talent at receiver, so I don't think the coaches want or need a guy with a checkered history. It seems like the athletic department and coaches are just letting it run its course, but very little of this whole situation has been revealed, and I'm not sure that will change. I had a class with him in the spring semester but he disappeared a couple weeks before this all was unveiled

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