Jeanlys enrolls at SMU

Patrick talked with SMU DB William Jeanlys, who enrolled at SMU after he initially thought he'd be greyshirting.

Despite tearing an ACL in the spring before his senior year of high school, SMU stuck by its offer to Pope John Paul II (Boca Raton, FL) athlete William Jeanlys.

Jeanlys accepted the offer that summer and became the 14th commit for SMU football’s 2014 class. However, SMU’s plan was for Jeanlys to greyshirt his first semester on campus because of his injury.

Little did Jeanlys know, but the SMU coaches had been planning for a while to have Jeanlys on the roster for the 2014 season. He said he was informed of their intention and enrolled in summer classes on July 1, but the coaches had not yet figured out how to find a spot for him.

When SMU announced on July 8 that three players, including wide receiver Arrius Holleman, had left the football team, a clear spot on SMU’s roster opened up.

“I was supposed to come in January (2015), but (the coaches) brought me in earlier,” Jeanlys said. “Now I’m on the team and everything and working out with the team.”

Despite having frequent contact with the coaches, Jeanlys said he was surprised when he learned that he would be on the team in 2014.

“It was kind of a surprise, because I didn’t expect to come in so early,” he said. “Maybe I should have caught on to it because the coaches would call me once a week and see how my knee was doing, and one day they called and said (I’m on the team). It’s a blessing to be here.”

Jeanlys says his knee is fully healed, and the roster move showed that the coaches have confidence in him and are pleased with his progress.

“They were going to wait and see where my knee was at, and now that my knee is at 110 percent and I’ve been working out hard, they want to bring me in early so I can start getting into the program and (learning) the plays,” Jeanlys said. “I probably would have still came in early (even without the player departures); the whole reason for me coming in January was because of my knee rehab. Since my knee was that (much better) than it was before, they were going to bring me in early anyway.”

Jeanlys recently played in seven-on-seven games with the team and said his knee felt good during the games.

Jeanlys said he is does not know if he will redshirt the upcoming season.

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