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The Pony Stampede staff was at Larry Brown's press conference Tuesday to get reaction from the Emmanuel Mudiay news.

Larry Brown Q&A Part 1

News and Notes

-Brown said that SMU will continue to recruit Prime Prep and said, "I'll always be over there." Brown said he really believes Prime Prep is trying to do the right things for kids.

-Jean-Michael Mudiay will finish his degree and remain with the team.

-Brown said Emmanuel could have been one of the kids, who could have bypassed college all together if the one year out of high school rule wasn't in place.

-Brown on Emmanuel going to Asia: "I don't want to see him go to Asia." Brown also added, "I don't think it's going to hurt his draft status. Emmanuel is different. I'm confident he's going to get in a great situation."

-Justin Martin did enroll in classes last week and is now practicing with the team.

-When asked if Martin was excited that Cincinnati still being on the schedule for him he responded with, "No comment." Followed by a laugh about the big rivalry that Xavier and Cincinnati share.

-Martin also said of whether Xavier's staff helped him with his process of picking a new school that he'd keep that confidential.

Markus Kennedy Q&A

Q: Talk about the Mudiay situation and what this does to SMU.

A: Personally I don’t see no difference. We’ve been practicing all summer without him and played all last year without him so there’s not much change. We bring in Justin Martin and Jordan Tolbert. We got a lot of pieces. We would have loved to have him, but time doesn’t stop.

Q: When you guys finished the season did you think you were that close and does it motivate you for next season?

A: Definitely. Practice in the open gym isn’t the same to get that nasty taste out of your mouth, but it’s still stuck with us. I mean we have to move on and we have bigger goals this year.

Q: How do you feel about your leadership role on the team this year?

A: I think it definitely has to step up another level because we don’t have Shawn or Nick no more. We were all pretty young and we’re all pretty much the same grade. Justin is the only fifth year we have and he’s new so me, Nic, Ryan, Cannen, we all gotta step up and really take leadership in every way we can.

Q: What have you been working on this summer?

A: Just dribbling and shooting and just trying be more of a post player.

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