SMU showing interest in Gadsden

SMU will be in the market for a point guard in the 2016 class. Is Ty Gadsden one of Larry Brown's targets?

Even with Sedrick Barefield committed for the 2015 class, it’s no secret that SMU will be in the market for a point guard in the 2016 class since Nic Moore will graduate that year. United Faith Christian point guard Ty Gadsden may be one of the targets SMU pursues.

Larry Brown has been calling Gadsden’s dad and talking about the young point guard about what he could bring to a team.

“He just heard how states went this year and that’s pretty much it,” Gadsden said. “He’s been hearing good things on and off the court and they’ll be watching me in July.”

Gadsden knows what Brown could do for him and his game at the next level because of Brown’s ability to get the best out of great players like Allen Iverson.

“The fact that he’s been such a good coach and who he has coached in the past like Allen Iverson with the Sixers and that stuff,” Gadsden said. “I’ve seen the way they play and the type of players he brings in and stuff and that’s what I like.”

When pressed to talk more about what he has seen in Brown’s team, one thing stuck out to Gadsden about every player on SMU’s team.

“They all work and most of his players are very confident people, not just confident on the court, but confident people off the court as well,” Gadsden said. “I’m a confident person too.”

If Gadsden would get the opportunity to play under Brown’s guidance, his confidence in his game would only grow. Gadsden also wouldn’t mind living in Dallas.

“To play for him would make me feel like I could become a Hall of Famer because I know who he has coached in the past and I know how great of a coach he is and I like Dallas as well,” Gadsden said.

Even though Gadsden has family in Dallas, the 6-2, 180 pound guard hasn’t visited SMU, but wouldn’t have a problem adjusting and is even a fan of Dallas’ hot weather.

Gadsden said his dad has talked on and off with Brown and the Hall of Fame coach made it clear what he needs in the 2016 class.

“Basically, he’s just looking for a 2016 point guard and my dad didn’t really go into much about what he said, but he’s just looking for a 2016 point guard and he heard about me,” Gadsden said.

Gadsden’s only offer has been from UNC-Charlotte, but now other programs are starting to take notice.

DePaul has been on me the hardest after my first offer from UNC-Charlotte. Clemson has liked me for a couple of years now” Gadsden said. “Western Carolina has been talking to me a lot lately.”

There’s a lot to like about the way Gadsden runs a team on the floor and doesn’t just take it upon himself to score, although he certainly has the ability to put the team on his back.

“I like to get my players involved first. I can score, but just being a leader and playing defense,” Gadsden said. “I like playing defense and my coach preaches defense, but especially my dad. I work very hard on both ends of the floor.”

Besides an unofficial visit to UNC-Charlotte, Gadsden hasn’t visited anywhere else and doesn’t have any early favorites.

Gadsden suits up for Team F.A.S.T. on the AAU circuit, but averaged 15.8 points per game, three assists and two rebounds per game for United Faith Christian.

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