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Omar was out at practice today and talked with sophomore forward Ben Moore. Plus hear the second half of coach Brown's Q&A.

Larry Brown Q&A Part 2

Ben Moore Q&A

Q: Last year, Larry Brown said you improved every time you took the floor. What part of your game do you think you improved the most as a freshman?
A: “It would probably just be learning offense and defense a little better. I learned the plays and what to do in different situations. I would say just learning the game a little bit more is probably my biggest improvement from freshman year.”

Q: What is your biggest area of focus this summer?
A: “I would say my biggest area of focus is shooting, but basically everything. Shooting is the main priority.”

Q: Larry Brown mentioned you as a possible option at point guard after the loss of Emmanuel Mudiay. Have you ever played point guard?
A: “I’ve never played point guard. I have only in practice, but never in a real game.”

Q: Some people like playing different positions. Do you kind of dream about being a point guard and being able to bring the ball up?
A: “I’m not sure I would say it’s a dream, but I will do whatever it takes for the team to win. I will play whatever position he wants me to play. He knows best.”

Q: Coach Brown said you’re as good of a ball handler as anyone on the team. Is that true?
A: “I like to think so.”

Q: Has it always been that way or have you been working on it?
A: “Throughout my life, when I used to play outside, I always brought the ball up court. It is kind of second nature to me, so I have no problem handling the ball.”

Q: Coach Brown said he needs to learn how to use you. How do you see yourself being used most effectively?
A: “Wherever the team needs me. Different situations in the game call for me playing different positions, so whatever works is fine with me.”

Q: What’s Shawn Williams like as a coach?
A: “Shawn Williams is a great coach. That’s my guy. He still jokes around a little bit, but he is serious and helps me out with my game. He is a good coach.”

Q: Does he make you run sprints or call him ‘coach’?
A: “No, not yet. He will give me the coaches pat on the back every once in awhile, but that’s about it. He had that role a little bit last year. He helped me out a lot and told me where to be, especially in scouting before games. He was kind of a coach then, too.”

Q: Coach Brown has talked about how much he doesn’t like the freedom of summer. Do you find it hard to focus with so much free time?
A: “I don’t have a lot of free time because I have a job, so it’s not that hard for me to focus. I work at Brookshire’s grocery store as a stocker.”

Q: Now that you have had some time to practice and play with the new guys, can you give us a scouting report on Justin Martin and Jordan Tolbert?
A: “I think they are going to be great additions to the team. Tolbert is a great post player and very physical. Martin can score the ball and shoot. He does it all. They are going to be great additions to the team.”

Q: Does the personality of the team change going from Shawn Williams and Nick Russell to Martin and Tolbert?
A: “It’s kind of early to say, but it’s going to be really hard to replace Shawn and Nick because they brought a whole bunch of stuff to the team. I’m not sure the team is going to have a different personality, but it will be hard to work on and focus on different things that they focused on.”

Q: Do Martin and Tolbert tell you about how they used to do things at Xavier and Texas Tech?
A: “No they don’t bring it up. They just listen to Coach Brown.”

Q: With the tougher schedule, is there any opponent you are most excited to play against this season?
A: “I’m really excited for the Indiana game and Michigan game. I shouldn’t say a specific game. I’m looking forward to all of them.”

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