FREE: Larry Brown offers two-sport star

SMU offered Rider HS and Dallas Mustangs G T.J. Vasher as soon as the quiet period ended. Get his thoughts on the offer!

Rider HS (Wichita Falls, Tex.) 2016 combo guard T.J. Vasher is just starting to see his recruitment heat up and it started with big news delivered by SMU assistant Ulric Maligi.

“I was sitting with my AAU coach and at 12 o’ clock, a couple coaches had texted me,” Vasher said. “At 12:06 a 214 number popped up. I answered it and he said, “this is coach Ulric from SMU and I want you to know you have an offer here to play at SMU.”

It hadn’t been 10 minutes after the quiet period ended on June 15 and the Dallas Mustangs guard had his first offer to play college basketball.

Maligi told Vasher he had been wanting to offer him for a while, but with the quiet period now over, Maligi was able to tell Vasher himself.

That was the first time Vasher has heard from SMU directly after not getting much interest from the school just two hours away from Vasher. Vasher will visit SMU soon with it being down the road, that too would be his first visit.

“No I haven’t been anywhere. I was surprised,” Vasher said. “My AAU coach had told me they had contacted him right before one of my games and said they would call, but before then I hadn’t had any letters or anything so it was shocking that they offered.”

The big plus for Vasher is now having the opportunity to play close to home and to have his family come out and watch.

“It feels real nice especially with family being close,” Vasher said. “My dad really loves basketball and it’d be nice to have him around to watch me play.”

Even though Vasher hadn’t heard from SMU or visited, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t heard what good things Larry Brown and company are doing in Dallas.

“That they’re really on the rise and have really big plans to being successful in the coming years,” Vasher said. “They plan on being a great team really soon.”

The big draw though is possibly playing for a Hall of Fame coach in Larry Brown.

“It’s great you know that a great coach would like to recruit me and have me on his team,” the 6-5, 175 pound football and basketball star said. “You know there’s only so much you can get out of one person, but from a Hall of Fame coach, there’s endless teaching that I could take to my game.”

Vasher is rated as a four-star on for football, but is not yet rated for basketball.’s Annabel Stephan got Vasher’s thoughts on what sport he’s leaning towards earlier this year.

"I really don't know at this point. I'm just going with it since I'm talented at both. I still have two more years to decide, so I'm just going to keep playing both," Vasher said.

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas, TCU and Kansas State all have shown interest in either football or basketball at the next level, but there isn’t one school that sticks out so far.

“I don’t really know really. I haven’t really thought about it too much,” Vasher said. “Since I’m about to be a junior, I haven’t really thought of it much.”

Vasher does know what he’s looking for in a school though.

“A good academic school, having a nice campus and everything going pretty well,” Vasher said. “As far as the team, having good teammate chemistry and not having many cliques.”

On the court, Vasher is an aggressive player, trying to get to the line, draw contact and score. That’s what he loves to do and that’s where he thrives using the energy he brings to the floor.

“I like playing up and down the court. I’m a good player in transition. I like running the floor and attacking the basket,” Vasher said. “I probably need to work on offense type stuff and becoming a better shooter.”

His jumper will continue to progress as he plays more and more, but with SMU offering, Vasher has one less thing to worry about.

“My dad said I just thank god that I didn’t have to pay for school.”

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