SMU offers 2015 Illinois guard

Omar talked with Isaiah Moss, who has seen the success of Ben Moore and Sterling Brown and that has him interested in SMU.

Since the loss of assistant coach Jerrance Howard, SMU hasn’t done as much recruiting in the Illinois area as they used to. Now, it appears Larry Brown and his coaching staff are refocusing their efforts there.

Earlier this week, the Mustangs offered class of 2015 wing Isaiah Moss from Simeon Career Academy. At 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds, the three-star from Frankfort, IL doesn’t know much about SMU, but says he will strongly consider the Mustangs because of what they have done with Sterling Brown and Ben Moore.

“I’m really interested,” Moss said. “I didn’t think they would offer me before the year. I know Ben Moore goes there and he went to Bolingbrook. Sterling is from the area, too. I have played with Ben a couple times. He’s really good and looks comfortable and happy over there. I’m very interested.”

Although he hasn’t got a chance to talk to either Brown or Moore, Moss has enjoyed watching their development from afar. He says it’s obvious they are satisfied with their choice to play for Larry Brown and it’s one of the biggest reasons he has interest in the Mustangs.

The SMU coaching staff hasn’t got a chance to talk to Moss directly yet, but they offered him through his coach. Moss said the Mustangs were “definitely in the mix and discussion” when he starts talking to his parents about college.

“It would be awesome. It would be unbelievable,” he said. “I’ve seen what he has done with Ben. He would make me into a much better player. His experience could help me get to the next level.”

Moss was a member of the Playground Elite for most of the AAU season, but has joined the Mac Irvin Fire for Las Vegas. He also holds offers from Temple, ECU, Auburn, DePaul, and more.

“Right now, I’m interested in a lot of schools,” Moss said. “I don’t really have a list if you know what I mean. It’s still early. I don’t have any favorites yet.”

Moss averaged 11 points per game last season in high school. He says he thrives in an up-tempo style of play that involves a lot of running and getting teams in transition.

“I can shoot well from anywhere and get into the lane. I’m the most dangerous in transition,” he said. “I need to work on my ball-handling. I want to get to the free throw line more. I need to get stronger, so I can become a better rebounder and improve my jump shot.”

Heading into his final year of high school, Moss still feels he has a lot to prove. Right now, he says there is one goal on his mind that means more to him than recruiting.

“I want to win state,” Moss said. “We have to this year. It’s my last year and I don’t have a ring yet. That’s my main goal.”

SMU was a little late to offer Moss, but have certainly made an impression on him. With how successful Ben Moore and Sterling Brown have been in Dallas, SMU may start to go after Illinois kids every year.

“I have talked to my parents about it a little bit, but not too much yet.” Moss said. “Now that AAU is over, we will have a lot of time. I think I could have a list of favorites by the middle of August or September. SMU is definitely in the discussion.”

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