FREE: Marcus Mcneil commits to SMU

San Antonio offensive lineman Marcus McNeil pulled the trigger and committed while visiting SMU.

San Antonio Madison offensive lineman Marcus McNeil knew it as soon as he drove through Highland Park.

"I hadn't seen the school yet, but I wanted to commit. It was amazing. I just fell in love with it," McNeil said. "As soon as I drove down Mockingbird, I fell in love."

McNeil was visiting SMU and the visit couldn't have gone better.

"It went very well. It went very, very well," the 6-5, 305 pound guard said. "I talked to coach Suan, coach June Jones and talked to the offensive coordinator. I talked to the entire coaching staff."

The staff was estatic to add their second interior lineman of the 2015 class. Along with Marvis Brown, the two could pair up as a formidable team for their years on the Hilltop.

"I think they're really excited because they hadn't really seen me yet," McNeil said. "I'm such a big, wide-bodied dude."

Coach Suan has big plans for the Madison powerhouse offensive lineman.

"Coach Suan said, 'I see you as an inside guy. as a big guy that can fill those gaps and get people moving.'"

The SMU campus felt like home for McNeil, who used to live on the east coast and that was a big deal for McNeil.

"It reminded me so much of the University of Richmond. I felt at home."

McNeil's parents couldn't be happier for him and his decision as well.

"My parents are really excited. I know my dad is, he was with me. He's excited for the football because he played professional football," McNeil said. "He's more excited about the education I'll be getting at SMU."

The education is the big deal for McNeil's dad though.

"The emphasis on their education program for the football players," McNeil said. "It's peace of mind that he can leave me with these people in good hands."

There is one school that could get McNeil to sway, but other than that, he's pretty set on SMU.

"I'm firmly committed. I'm not going to say I'm not shutting down because UCLA is my dream school," McNeil said. "It really would take some talking from another university to get me to change my mind."

For now, McNeil is going to focus on getting ready for his final year at Madison.

"I've been training all summer long. A lot of running. Getting my body right, my mind right. It's my senior year," McNeil said. "It's my last opportunity to be with my teammates."

It's a big deal to play ball at Madison and McNeil doesn't want to leave on a bad note. "I made it to the semis last year. I want to take it to state," McNeil said. "I think most of my preparation is mental and knowing what I have to get done."

McNeil doesn't have any other offers. He has heard from the likes of Kansas State, Duke, Arizona State, Boise State, New Mexico, New Mexico State and others.

"I don't pay any mind to some of those others though because I didn't want to go there."

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