8-8 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was out at SMU football practice today and has a notebook plus Q&As with Stephon Sanders and Cameron Nwosu.

June Jones Press Conference

Cameron Nwosu Q&A

Stephon Sanders Q&A

Q: What have you seen out of Caleb Tuiasosopo and Cameron Nwosu so far in camp?
SS: I feel both guys are great additions to the team. Especially since they had such high reps from where they came from. And having them be part of our team, I feel, just makes us stronger as a whole and makes our defense better in particular.

Q: There is a lot of guys fighting for the linebacker spots- is it keeping you on your toes or do you feel like your spot is locked up?
SS: Well, its just my menmtality- I don’t ever feel secure in my spot. More players means more competition and all that does is make yourself better. And when there is so much competition for the same spots everyone gets better and it makes the team stronger- in the long run, that’s what we want.

Q: Coach Mason hinted a couple days ago at experimenting with you playing inside a little more, is this something he has also talked with you about?
SS: Yea, we talked about it and we even did a little bit of last year. Like on goal line situations I’d play inside, just like special nickel packages. I’ve been with this defense for a while, so I’m comfortable with it as a whole, so whatever is best for the team.

Q: Do you have a prefer playing inside or outside?
SS: Well, as of right now, my preference is outside just because I’m so used to it and its really my strong suit I feel. At the same time, I can adjust if I need to and I can play inside.

Q: With the departure of Randall Joyner, the defense has turned to you now to be one of the leaders. How are you taking this new role?
SS: Well, he was a great leader and so I got to step into that role. Its not just me though. We got a bunch of great leaders, like Yenga and Greenbauer, and some other guys- all of us are collectively leading the defense as a whole, bringing guys up to speed and just trying to take our game to a new level.

Q: Everyone leads a different way and brings a different voice or style to their leadership, what do you think is voice as a leader?
SS: I always think the strongest way to lead is to lead by example. So it starts with me doing the little things right to show the younger guys how we do things around here at SMU and just coach them up. Its all about getting them up to speed so we can be good for the season.

Q: What is it like having Joyner come back as a coach?
SS: Well, you know, he is still part of this family. So we appreciate having him. Like I said, he is a great leader and it means that much more that he is able to stick around and help us be a better defense.

Q: What is it like having a teammate come back as a coach?
SS: Well, Joyner always had that coach’s mentality, even when he was around players. So, to me, it doesn’t feel different- its just the same.

Q: How are you feeling about this upcoming season?
SS: I’m excited about it. We got a lot of new guys- a lot of new talent and its just my senior season so I’m just really excited to see how this year will turn out. We got some great competition this season and we’ll be able to test what we are capable of doing and show people that we are a strong team.

Football Practice Notes:

— Cameron Nwosu really showed off his strength when he took on Spencer Hollie in a circle drill- pushing him out of the circle and pinning him down.

— Caleb Tuiasosopo looked good in tackling drills.

— In the same drill, Kyran Mitchell looked the best in his group by far. Made a lot of contact and met the runner rather than waiting for him to get there.

Hayden Greenbauer looks more and more comfortable with his brace everyday.

— Nwosu looked surprisingly agile during LB drills. Dude has a motor on him.

Garrett Krstich had best look on his deep ball

Anthony Rhone put a hit on a RB during a drill- sent him flying back a couple yards.

— A.J. Justice got some reps with the first team defense today.

Horace Richardson picked off Kolney Cassel during 7-7.

Ajee Montes had a niice break up covering Der'rik Thompson on a fade.

Cedric Lancaster had a nice catch in traffic over the middle that went for a big gain.

Chris Hipps made a couple nice catches along the sideline with blanket coverage.

— Sanders bumped Hipps off the line and stopped him cold. Made him take a step back to recover before getting into his route.

— June Jones said after practice that if the season opened today, Kevin Pope and Prescott Line would start.

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