Wallace focused on season

Junior quarterback Tristen Wallace has the weight of the DeSoto (Texas) team on his shoulders, but he has some of the broadest shoulders in the Dallas metroplex. Will the Nebraska target mix any recruiting in during his junior season?

Football in the state of Texas starts when the weather is still hot. And it’s incredibly hot right now in Dallas – heat indexes are 100+-degrees – but Tristen Wallace and his DeSoto (Texas) teammates are headed outside and Wallace is embracing it.

“It’s hot,” Wallace said. “It’s great. It doesn’t matter to us. We love it. The heat doesn’t bother us. We will be starting our practices on Monday and we can’t wait to get back out there.”

There are expectations every year at DeSoto and they are incredibly high. Wallace says that the keys to achieving all of the goals for DeSoto every year start with staying grounded and focused.

”We need to stay focused and stay disciplined as a team. We need to go out and play every game like we can and win every game. We are always thinking about a state title.”

Time around the season can get even more chaotic as players mix in recruiting trips with their own seasons. Wallace says that he hasn’t thought about mixing the two at all. His focus is on week one and playing 15 times this fall.

“I actually haven’t thought about that at all. I am just focused on winning the first game and playing all 15 games this year. All of my focus is on the first opponent and on our schedule.”

Wallace admits that recruiting won’t just stop. He has to deal with it. It will be a distraction, but it’s on him to remain focused. He doesn’t want it to go away because it’s a direct byproduct to his on the field performance, but he can’t acknowledge it this fall either.

”It can’t just shut down. The recruiting attention is a blessing, but I am looking forward to going back to school and my season. Getting the attention from recruiting is a blessing though. My attention is on this year.

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