8-14 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was out at SMU football practice today and has a notebook plus Q&As with Ajee Montes and Stephen Nelson.

June Jones Press Conference

Ajee Montes Q&A

Stephen Nelson Q&A

Football Practice Notes:

John Bordano was working with No. 1's again. Seems to have also solidified himself as Nick Horton's back up.

Hayden Greenbauer also saw some reps with No . 1's.

Shakiel Randolph made a nice breakup while covering Darius Joseph in the slot.

— Montes punched a ball loose- forcing in completion intended for Jordan Ingram.

— Greenbauer is very vocal on the field, you can hear him making calls during plays. It's like he can see everything.

— Montes has really good closing speed. Sometimes he will look out of position, but he always comes back to contest the throw.

— Walk-on LB R.C. Cox made a great play, deflecting a pass and making an interception while falling to the ground.

— Montes had another great pass breakup where he looked beat.

— Randolph has great range, he is in on almost every play and if a ball is thrown on his side, it's almost always incomplete.

Jesse Montgomery looks really good in coverage. He's a solid corner.

Jonathan Yenga is a beast. Dude makes awesome reads and is always around the ball. When he makes contact, he stops people cold.

Kevin Pope accidentally ran into Krstich during a drill and just about killed him.

Shelby Walker ran a beautiful comeback route to beat Horace Richardson.

Deion Sanders Jr. made a nice grab over the middle, surrounded by three defenders.

Kolney Cassel makes really quick decisions, ball is out really fast- a completion most of the time.

— Deion made a beautiful, full extension, 45-yard TD grab.

— Nelson continues to be a vacuum, if he can touch it, he will catch it.

Darius Durall looks very good catching out of the backfield, he could be a very versatile weapon.

Neal Burcham overthrew a streaking Der'rikk Thompson who had plenty of daylight in front of him.

— When Matt Davis makes quicker decisions with the ball, he makes more completions. He just needs to gain more confidence in his arm.

— Burcham had the best deep ball of the morning, hitting Nate Halverson on a 45 yard TD grab.

— Joseph made an awesome catch with Greenbauer draped all over him. Good coverage, better catch.

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