8-16 Football Practice Notebook

Billy was at SMU football practice today and has notes plus Q&As with Chauncey Briggs and Darius Durall.

June Jones Press Conference

June Jones Ice Bucket Challenge

Chauncey Briggs Q&A

Darius Durall Q&A

Football Practice Notes:— The team was in full pads today.

— A St. Louis Rams scout was out at practice today.

— QB Austin Kent has given up football and left the team. His heart wasn't in it coach Jones said.

— The running backs and linebackers worked on blitz pickups and one on one tackling drills. Pretty spirited from both sides.

— The linebackers worked on fighting off blocks for a couple periods. Tom Mason was unhappy though with the group's energy during that drill saying, "I don't like our demeanor right now."

Darrell Colbert looks like he's still adjusting to the throws in the playbook. He just seems unsure and it affects his accuracy.

— The quarterbacks were a bit off today and inconsistent in individual period.

Matt Davis really seems to be fitting in well. He had his arm around Der'rikk Thompson for a bit just talking to him. He also spent a good amount of time talking with coach Morrison while he wasn't getting reps.

— The walk of shame doesn't appear to be happening this year. Kolney Cassel was signaling plays in today.

Nick Horton, Horace Richardson, Carlos Carroll, Trey Washington and Colin LaGasse sat out practice today.

— Coach Daniels was getting after the whole defense for not going hard enough in live scout. "Fly around and get to the ball!"

— The running backs were all rotating in during scout and getting pretty even reps.

Neal Burcham was sharp in his short throws today and looked confident overall.

Zelt Minor saw some extended time with the first team today.

Beau Barnes appears to be locked in a battle with Robert Seals for the OLB spot. Mason did get on Barnes for making a wrong call at one point, letting him have it.

— Cody Rademacher's field goal stats on the day- 1/5 from 50 yards. 1/1 from 45 yards. 7/8 from 40 yards. 1/1 from 35 yards. 1/1 from 30 yards. 1/1 from 25 yards.

— The defense really showed up with energy when it was offense vs. defense.

Jonathan Yenga almost had a pick on the first play as Burcham threw into blanket coverage.

Hayden Greenbauer popped Stephen Nelson over the middle but Nelson was able to hang on.

— After the bad first throw, Burcham was efficient. Looking confident and stepping into his throws with authority.

— On a "third down" Kevin Pope was stripped of the ball after catching a swing pass and Darrion Richardson scooped it up.

Kyran Mitchell had tight coverage on Darius Joseph forcing a drop.

— The defense scored twice versus the offense off of turnovers.

— Davis had a few plays break down and was able to show off his speed and playmaking ability.

Shakiel Randolph leveled Deion Sanders Jr. over the middle, but he held on to make the catch.

A.J. Justice made a big pick in the endzone, going way up on an overthrown ball to come down with it.

— Burcham hits Ryheem Malone on the sideline with a 15 yard out route.

Jeremiah Gaines makes nice grab over the middle for 10 yards.

Cameron Nwosu makes nice hit over the middle breaking up a Burcham to Raheem Malone.

Stephon Sanders picked off Davis in the redzone on a tight throw during 7 on 7.

Nate Halverson made a nice diving catch from Kolney Cassel in the endzone. Cassel threw him open for the TD.

— A great over the shoulder catch by Ryheem Malone in the endzone. He's really pushing for playing time.

— Malone grabs everything. Tipped a short pass to himself for the catch.

Anthony Buffini made a nice back of the endzone catch and tapped his toes to make the catch.

— Gaines had a nice catch over the middle for a touchdown in the redzone from Burcham.

— The defense did get some solid pressure on the QBs today, but Burcham did a good job stepping up in the pocket.

— Burcham did a good job going through his progression and finding Chris Hipps for a TD in the redzone.

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