8-15 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was out at SMU football practice and has notes plus Q&As with John Bordano and Darrian Wright.

John Bordano Q&A

Darrian Wright Q&A

Football Practice Notes:

— John Bordano and Derek Longoria saw some work with No . 1's today. Longoria kind of shuffled in and out, while Bordano continued to take reps in place of the injured Nick Horton.

Darrion Richardson had a great pass break up, tipping the ball and then almost coming away with the pick.

Jesse Montgomery is having a great camp. Looks good in coverage and is always in on tackles- working hard for his snaps.

Beau Barnes and Jordan Wyatt stood up a receiver and ripped the ball free, Cameron Nwosu caught the loose ball and returned a couple yards.

— Wyatt had a nice pass breakup in the endzone to prevent a score.

— Bordano has looked solid this week with No . 1's and has proved himself as a reliable reserve.

— Johnathan Yenga continues his strong showing in camp- looks more than capable of holding his own inside.

Hayden Greenbauer looks very good in coverage and is very vocal on the field. He isn't making it easy on Mason to pick his starting safeties.

— Darrion Richardson also looks good. So, it will be interesting to see who Mason picks to be the starter- may vary depending on opponent.

Ajee Montes looks solid on the outside, has had a great camp so far. He showed off a little bit of his speed again today, coming back to swat a couple of balls away when he looked to be beat.

— Cameron Nwosu and Caleb Tuiasosop are coming along, probably not as quickly as we would have hoped, but they certainly look more comfortable in Mason's scheme. It can only be a matter of time before they move their way up in the LB rotation.

Neal Burcham was rolling to his right and threw a beautiful pass on the run to 20.

Matt Davis is still holding the ball too long.

— If the QB can get the ball anywhere near Stephen Nelson, he will catch it.

Kevin Pope looked lightning quick making a catch out of the backfield- picked up about 30 yards after the catch.

Shelby Walker laid out for a great catch over the middle.

— Davis had a good deep ball that would have gone for a long TD, but the receiver couldn't hold onto it.

Deion Sanders Jr. is a very sneaky receiver, he always seems to get open over the middle.

— Burcham has been working on his back shoulder throw and it's showing. He connected with 88 along the sideline for a big gain.

— Burcham connected with Joseph for a long TD, it was a perfectly placed ball- only Joseph could get it.

Ryheem Malone had a great one-handed grab in traffic for a TD. In fact, Malone made a couple of nice catches in the red zone.

Chris Hipps and Jeremiah Gaines really seem to get better as the offense moved closer to the end zone. Out of the two, Gaines has been the most impressive all-around, but don't be surprised if Hipps and Gaines are targeted frequently in the red zone.

Darius Joseph had a great catch in the middle of the end zone- left his feet and was surrounded by two defenders.

— Kevin Pope has been impressive all camp. Looks a lot faster than last year, but just as physical and explosive.

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