8-18 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was out at SMU football practice today and has a notebook plus Q&As with Kevin Pope and Jesse Montgomery.

Kevin Pope Q&A

Jesse Montgomery Q&A

Football Practice Notes:

Darius Joseph did not suit up today. Neither did Travis Fister, Daniel Gresham.

Darius Durall is gonna be a dangerous player on screen passes. He is lightning quick and can make guys miss. Give him at least one block and he can make something happen.

— Of all the backs, Kevin Pope looks to be the best overall- should get the nod against Baylor.

Neal Burcham found Stephen Nelson running down the right sideline- he threw it perfectly over Jesse Montgomery's great coverage for a 40 yard score.

Matt Davis tried to drill a pass between two defenders, but Nate Halverson couldn't hang on.

Shelby Walker made a great catch despite getting hit in the back by William Jeanlys.

—Overall Burcham continues to look sharp- has confidence in his arms and his receivers. Looked very good.

— Davis, on the other hand, still shows too much hesitation and lacks accuracy on his throws.

— Burcham fired a ball to Jeremiah Gaines over the middle and he held onto it, despite taking a hit immediately after the catch.

Daijuan Stewart made a great catch over the middle and was laid out. He got crushed by Nick Reed, but bounced right back up.

— Durall had a great run- ran through a couple people then out ran everyone for a long run.

— Burcham seems to have really pulled away from the other QBs. I would genuinely be surprised if he isn't the starter- especially after seeing him in practice today- made lots of good reads, didn't turn over the ball, and made all the right throws.

— Strephen Nelson continued to catch everything thrown his way. He has become a bit of a safety blanket for Burcham.

— I'll be first to admit I was wrong- Jonathan Yenga is a beast in the middle of the defense. I'm surprised given how he is slightly undersized, but he makes incredible reads and is an explosive player. Any combination of inside linebackers that includes Yenga should be awesome.

— Montgomery had a nice pass break up over the middle. Just stuck his arm out and swatted the ball out of the receiver's hands.

Nick Horton did not practice again today. Horace Richardson, J.R. Richardson and Carlos Caroll did not practice either.

Hayden Greenbauer was also notably absent from practice.

— Montgomery jumped in front of a route and came away with a pick. Great athletisism.

— Jeanlys caught the brunt of a collision with K.C. Nlemchi, but managed to wrestle him down.

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