Lott keeps SMU in his top six

3-star Byrd HS (La.) G Chad Lott talked about his top six schools with publisher Billy Embody. Get his thoughts on SMU here!

2015 Byrd HS (La.) combo guard Chad Lott has narrowed his list down to six schools and SMU made the cut along with Houston, Texas Tech, UNLV, Creighton and his in-state school, LSU. It’s no surprise the Ponies made the cut.

“SMU was one of the first schools to start recruiting me and I’ve got a good relationship with coach Ulric and coach Brown of course,’ Lott said. “I’m pretty comfortable with the schools that I chose. I know that I’m a priority to the six schools I chose.”

With four of the six schools either right next door to Louisiana or in his home state, you could say that Lott wants to stay relatively close to home, but that’s not as important as you’d think.

“It’s not that important. I have a dream to go to the league and want find the best position to make that dream come true so being close to home isn’t that important,” Lott said. “Of course I’d love my family to come to all my games and my brother to come to all the games. If that doesn’t give me the best position to do what I want to do after college then I’ll leave.”

The chance to represent his home state is something Lott doesn’t take lightly.

“Coach Jones I know he’s a real good guy. If I was going to go to LSU, I feel like he would take care of me,” Lott said. “Plus, who wouldn’t want to represent their home state? Coming back to Shreveport and everyone has an LSU shirt on.”

Creighton has made Lott a priority and Lott said distractions in Nebraska would be less of an issue. UNLV has also been pushing hard, has a good system and one of Lott’s close friends, Jordan Cornish is now a Rebel as well.

“I have someone I call my big brother out there, Jordan Cornish, and I talk to him a lot about the recruiting process about schools and he’s encouraged me a little bit,” Lott said. “He’s telling me that they let their guards play. Their guards are playmakers on the floor and how practices are and how intense they are and a lot of intangibles are interesting.”

The group of Texas schools have a big stake in Lott’s recruitment. Lott talks to Houston almost everyday and has a lot of respect for Texas Tech’s Tubby Smith as well.

“The attention that Houston shows me, they’re showing me that they really want me. If I go to Houston, they’ll really work with me,” Lott said. “If I’m having an off day, they’ll give the attention they’re giving me now.”

“Coach Tubby, he’s a great coach. I heard he’s not the easiest to play for, but I’m not asking for the easiest route. Coach Tubby is a winner and I talk to him a lot too. They’re very interested in me.”

The best relationship Lott has may be with Larry Brown though. Lott goes to Brown around three times a week and a lot of times it’s when he’s having trouble navigating an issue.

“Me and coach Brown have a really unique relationship when we do get to talk,” Lott said. “When I’d have issues, I would send a text message to him and we’d talk about it. Just the relationship that I have specifically with him makes me very interested in SMU. Plus, I think he sees something in me that a lot of other coaches don’t.”

Lott called their relationship, “unique” and that Brown is straight up with him. Brown hasn’t promised Lott anything in terms of playing and Lott likes that. Lott called Brown his “go-to college coach.”

One thing Lott won’t be doing is being a “one-and-done.” Lott wants to be a “program changer” and help build the best team he and his teammates can.

“Even if I had the opportunity to be one-and-done, I don’t know if I’d take it. I want to be the best basketball player I can be. I want to go to college and see what God has for me,” Lott said. “So if that isn’t basketball then I can pursue whatever path he puts me in. I want to go to the NBA, but of course if that’s in God’s plan then I’ll be pursuing some other career.”

As far as visits and deciding where he’ll pursue his collegiate career, Lott hasn’t gotten to that yet, but wants to take care of it in the next two months.

“I haven’t scheduled anything. As far as UNLV and Creighton, I plan on taking visits out there if they’ll allow me to,” Lott said. “I may just leave an extra in case anyone else comes in.”

Lott wouldn’t name a favorite because he wants to take in all his visits before passing judgment on a school.

“I don’t want to say because I want to take my officials,” the 6-2, 180-pound guard said. “Once I take my officials and unofficials and get to see campuses, get to see the players, I’ll know where my heart is.”

Lott wants a place where he can feel like he’s a part of a family. Lott recognizes that Brown recruits a certain player and feels like he fits that mold.

“I feel like I’m not a selfish player at all. I don’t feel like I’m cocky or arrogant. I don’t like that type of player,” Lott said. “Coach Brown recruits humble kids, smart, talented, hard-working that come together. I wouldn’t want to play with a bunch of kids that worry about their individual statistics.”

Lott wants to commit in the fall so he can have a team to root for the NCAA season, but wouldn’t promise that would happen.

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