8-19 Football Practice Notebook

Scott was out at SMU football practice today and talked with Daniel McCarty and Robert Seals.

Daniel McCarty Q&A

Robert Seals Q&A

Q: First off Robert, How has camp been going for you?
RS: It has been going well. I’ve just got to keep working and maximize my potential. Just keep pushing and keep working.

Q: With Randall Joyner graduating, who has been stepping up as a leader on the defense?
RS: Well Stephon (Sanders) has always been there. Jonathan Yenga has stepped up big time. Pretty much those two guys. Zach Wood (has stepped up some).

Q: You guys already had a ton of depth at the linebacker position and now you add Beau Barnes to that mix, what does he bring to the table?
RS: Beau has some size and some length and he’s a pretty good pass rusher. He’s just another element to have coming off of that edge.

Q: After starting the first five games last year, you kept on playing but stepped out of that starting role. What can you do now to keep that starting role now that you have it back?
RS: I’ve just got to play with confidence. I went in there and messed it up and Yenga took my spot so I’ve just got to play up to my potential, work hard, and stay focused, you know. I have no excuses for that this year. I’ve just got to step it up.

Q: Looking towards Baylor, have you watched any tape on Bryce Petty and the Baylor offense?
RS: Yes sir we have. They’re not the number one offense for no reason, you know. Bryce Petty’s a Heisman candidate and their offense is very efficient.

Q: As a defense, have you guys emphasized anything on working towards stopping Petty?
RS: We just want to play our defense. He’s a pretty good runner, but he’s not Johnny (Manziel). We’re really just more focused on the coverage part and if he scrambles, he scrambles.

Q: What do you think the environment in the new Baylor stadium is going to be like?
RS: It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be extremely high-energy. What is it, the only college game on TV that day? It sold out months ago. It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be fun though.

Football Practice Notes:

— The team was in full pads.

— Rick Hart was at practice today

Evan Brown's dad was at practice and said Evan is up to about 310. Brown has done a nice job of maintaining his quickness.

— Brown continued to work with the first team.

Chauncey Briggs was no where to be seen.

Braylon Hyder also got some work in with the first team at left guard, rotating with McCarty.

Daniel Gresham again did not practice.

Horace Richardson did not practice, but ran on the sideline.

Kevin Pope and K.C. Nlemchi took the majority of snaps with the first team.

— Pope looked quick and did a nice job catching passes out of the backfield.

Prescott Line got reps during team drills but rarely ran the ball, being used mostly for blocking purposes.

Cedric Lancaster caught a couple nice passes from Neal Burcham across the middle.

— For the most part, Burcham passes were on target, but he did have a couple of overthrows.

— The secondary looked good with Jesse Montgomery and Ajee Montes taking most of the snaps at corner.

— Montgomery had a nice pass breakup.

Hayden Greenbauer picked off Burcham on the sideline.

Matt Davis and Burcham split the majority of first team rep with Kolney Cassel getting some.

— Davis put a long ball right on the money for Shelby Walker but James Richardson (J.R.) made a great diving play to deflect the pass.

— Davis and Burcham looked confident with their throws, but both over threw their targets a couple times.

Deion Sanders Jr had a great one-handed catch.

Mason Gentry recovered a fumble on the handoff exchange between Burcham and Nlemchi.

Jeremiah Gaines had a nice catch on a bad throw from Cassel.

— Davis and Burcham both switched off during the two minute drill but Davis was much more efficient and accurate.

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