8-20 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was at practice and took notes before the SMU team took off practice early for their pool day.

Jonathan Yenga Q&A Courtesy SMU Athletics

Football Practice Notes:

Matt Davis still looks hesitant in the pocket.

Jeremiah Gaines has become a reliable target. He is a big target too.

— Gaines also gave a solid block on a screen pass- knocking down Robert Seals.

Stephen Nelson made a couple nice grabs today in traffic.

Neal Burcham looks spectacular. Has really come a long way.

Kevin Pope is electric. Not sure if I've ever seen him this quick. With his size and his speed, he's going to be a solid option at running back.

— After looking really good early in camp, Cedric Lancaster has faded a bit. He doesn't make as many plays as he was. This could be due to the QBs developing trust with other receivers.

Chris Hipps has also been one of the guys that tailed off as camp went along. Don't think he'll see much use outside of goal line packages.

Cameron Nwosu saw a couple reps with No . 1's today.

Hayden Greenbauer is not wearing a brace- also saw some reps with No. 1's

— You could hear Nwosu yelling out directions to his unit- really showing his leadership ability. Also seems to know where everyone needs to line up.

— The coaching staff has also been impressed with Anthony Rhone. I feel he is like your Nwosu starter kit. They have similar build, Rhone has a great motor and is always around the football. Don't think he'll have much of a chance to get quality reps with all the talent at linebacker, but you never know.

— It's going to be interesting watching Mason tinker with his LB unit as the season progresses. He has so much talent and so many different skills there that he can mix and match to tailor the unit to the situational need.

— DBs look really good, and they should improve even more when J.R. Richardson comes back.

— As a whole, the defense has been forcing turnovers all camp long. it wouldn't be surprising to see them return to the turnover machine they were in 2012.

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