8-22 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio was at SMU football practice and took notes plus talked with Hayden Greenbauer and spotlights Neal Burcham's day.

Hayden Greenbauer Q&A

Player Practice Spotlight: Neal Burcham

Burcham had a great practice. He is putting more distance from himself and the other QBs. I think there is no question now who the starter is as today during offense vs defense Burcham took over 75% of the snaps. One of the more encouraging things about his practice today was watching him maneuver in the pocket. He side stepped a couple of defenders on two different occasions and connected with his receivers downfield for decent pick-ups. When he couldn’t find an open receiver he showed no hesitation to tuck it and run-both time he ran he looked fast enough to pick up a good chunk of yardage.

He finished the day 8-11 for 67 yards and 15 yards on two rushes. Two of his incompletions were the result of receivers not getting their heads turned around to look for the ball.

Robert Seals Q&A Courtesy SMU Athletics

Football Practice Notes:

A.J. Justice saw some time with No.1s .

Jonathan Yenga had a nice practice, was around the football a lot. I’m still super impressed with his reads.

— Greenbauer looks better and better everyday- his knee looks fine.

Beau Barnes is looking more comfortable at linebacker. He still needs to work on his pass coverage for his snaps to go up.

Jesse Montgomery had an okay day, he didn’t make nearly as many plays as he usually does, but he also didn’t get burned at all- So all in all a good day for him.

Nick Horton was seen running laps again today, but looked a lot better moving around.

— J.R. Richardson was spotted with the No.1s today and Ajee Montes moved back into the slot.

— With JR back the nickel package looked solid. It already looked good, but now it is obviously improved.

Darrion Richardson continued to dominate camp- he broke up two passes and came close to an interception.

Cedric Lancaster had great over the shoulder grab.

Kolney Cassel had a couple nice throws today.

Kevin Pope had another great day of practice. Still looks sharp and hasn't show any signs of wearing down over the course of camp.

K.C. Nlemchi ran over a defender while dragging two more with him out of bounds.

Der'rikk Thompson looked good today too. His routes were sharp and he made a number of tough catches.

— Darrius Durall spent some time with the offensive line unit to work on his blitz pick up.

Jeremiah Gaines looked very good today- his routes looked crisp and he made some nice grabs.

Matt Davis looked a little better today in his limited reps. He showed a little more confidence in his arm and let it rip a couple times down the field. He connected on a nice 50 yard pass with Thompson for a TD.

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