8-23 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was out at practice today and talked with Der'rikk Thompson and Beau Barnes plus took some notes

Der'rikk Thompson Q&A

Beau Barnes Q&A

QB Battle Spotlight

Neal Burcham seemed to take control of the quarterback battle today. When given time to throw, Burcham seems to be settling into a rhythm. He was hitting receivers on the run while completing a little over half of his throws. Did have some overthrows as well as some throws behind later on in practice but showed good poise stepping up in the pocket and delivering the ball. Matt Davis continued to show his good mobility today but struggled throwing it today. Davis rushed his throws today, while getting lucky with a couple of his throws into double coverage. Under pressure, Davis did show he was able to scramble and get positive yards.

Football Practice Notes:


Nate Halverson makes a one-handed grab on a deep ball from Neal Burcham.

— Burcham had a good start to the day of practice, a lot more throws on the mark. Late in practice, still had a couple throws late and overthrown.

Jeremiah Gaines showed a lot in practice today making catches on the outside as well as making grab over the middle in between two defenders.

Kevin Pope had a nice burst through the middle, struggled running to the outside ,slipping on a couple run plays for losses.

— Matt Davis struggled today underthrowing and throwing behind receivers but did have a nice throw to Anthony Buffini for 20 yards over the middle.

— Davis, was not intercepted but got away with a couple throws into double coverage that were not intercepted.

— Buffini made a nice grab over the middle in traffic from Kolney Cassel.

— Buffini showed a lot today catching everything thrown his way both on the outside and over the middle.

— The offensive line struggled with protection today, Davis, Cassel and Burcham were under pressure all day.

— Burcham stayed after practice to continue throwing with a few of his receivers.

— The offensive line finished the day doing wind sprints.


— Safeties were rotating between Shakiel Randolph, A.J. Justice and Hayden Greenbauer

Horace Richardson had a nice pass breakup on the outside while covering Stephen Nelson.

— Cornerbacks had a good day overall with tight coverage all day.

— Defensive line showed a lot today, got a lot of pressure on the quarterback and would have had a couple sacks in a game situation.

Ajee Montes has been one of the big bright spots so far and had another good day of practice today.

— Beau Barnes looked good rushing the passer today, wasn’t in coverage as much.

— With two a days in full swing, both the offense and defense seemed to be in a much more business like approach, was a quieter practice today.

— Defensive Line and linebackers got in some conditioning after practice running some wind sprints.

Special teams

— Kickers and punters were over on the stadium field working on punting and receiving snaps.

— Team went through a walk through on blocking and kick off schemes.

— Kickers got work in at the of practice kicking with a rush on the practice, Deion Sanders Jr and Darius Durall were back receiving the kicks.

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