8-27 Football Practice Notebook

Scott and Demetrio were at SMU practice and grabbed Eric Daniels and John Bordano for Q&As plus took notes!

June Jones Press Conference

John Bordano Q&A

Eric Daniels Q&A

Player Spotlight: Ajee Montes

With J.R. Richardson being out for most of camp with an injury, it was up to Montes to pick up the slack and fill in for J.R. until he could come back. This week June Jones said that J.R. will play, meaning that Montes can go back to his comfort zone; the nickle spot.

With Horace Richardson, J.R. and Montes, Mason should feel very comfortable rolling out his nickle package against Baylor, so Montes should get plenty of snaps.

Having to cover guys on the outside all camp has given him a little more of an edge to his game. He looks so much more confident in man to man coverage- he was already a tremendous nickle back and could shut slot receivers down.

He can still do that, but know he can really make plays on the ball. One of the best tools at his disposal is his comeback speed; there are plenty of times where he has looked beat, but he closes quickly enough to make a play on the ball.

Today during practice he had two such pass breakups- one came in the red zone where he deflected the ball out of bounds, just before it got to a receivers outstretched arms.

Montes ended practice with three pass breakups, and was in on five different tackles.

Football Practice Notes:

— Players were in full pads and pants.

— The Jets, Falcons, Bucs and Texans all had scouts at practice today.

Matt Davis was back practicing and looked solid, including a long ball to Deion Sanders Jr. for a TD.

Neal Burcham had an under thrown ball that was picked off, but otherwise looked pretty sharp.

Daniel McCarty and Seaver Myers both took reps with the first team at left guard.

— Overall, there were a ton of dropped passes by every. Sanders Jr., Nate Halverson, Cedric Lancaster and Der'rikk Thompson all dropped at least one pass.

Ryheem Malone continued his strong play in practice with a number of nice catches, and even played a bit on the outside.

Nick Horton got nicked up and went in to get treatment and didn't return.

— June Jones said that there's a chance J.R. Richardson could return kicks, but they're monitoring his plays.

Shakiel Randolph and Darrion Richardson look to really be in sync on the field- their communication is good and they are working together to make sure everyone is lines up correctly.

— Similarly, Bordano and Yenga look good in the middle. Bordano wouldn't be my first choice next to Yenga, but he has not proven himself to be terrible thus far and today he made a lot of good reads and looked comfortable in pass coverage.

— Even though the team wasn't practicing with too much contact today, when Cedric Lancaster tried to throw a block on Montes, Montes sent him flying to the ground with little bump that made a pretty nice cracking sound.

Darrian Wright looks absolutely solid in the middle of the d-line. He is plugging up holes and stopping running backs cold- should have a great season.

— A lot of the defense's success on Sunday night will hinge on their front seven and their ability to generate consistent pressure on Baylor QB- Bryce Perry- today in Practice, Zach Wood, Wright and Zelt Minor were getting around there blocks with consistency and were playing with a little more aggressiveness than usual.

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