8-29 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio and Andrew were at SMU football practice today. They have a Q&A with Stephon Sanders plus notes!

Stephon Sanders Q&A

Player Spotlight: Neal Burcham

Neal Burcham looked very sharp today in practice in one of his final tuneups for Baylor. Burcham was very good on short throws, showing an improved ability to lead his receivers. Burcham also made some very nice throws including a perfect back shoulder throw to Stephen Nelson, which he followed up with a great over the shoulder throw to Gaines. Burcham did stay after practice with the rest of the QBs to continue throwing. Overall Burcham, as well as the rest of the team, enjoyed a very relaxed practice.

Player Spotlight: Jonathan Yenga

Jonathan Yenga had the most determined look to him today. If SMU’s defense is going to have any chance of slowing down Baylor’s high-octane offense, it’s going to start with him and the rest of the front seven.

Yenga spent a good portion of defensive drills talking to the other linebackers- making sure everyone new what to do. He has really stepped up as a leader and his teammates recognize it.

Whether Yenga will last on the inside or move to the outside remains to be seen- he is a tad undersized for a middle linebacker in 3-4 scheme.

However, until he shows that he can’t cut it in the middle, that is where he is gonna line up…so far, he has looked pretty good.

He’s done all the prep work and studying he can. Now he has to go out and do it on Sunday.

Football Practice Notes

— Not too much happened today, practice was very light and ended about 30 minutes early.

— There was a calm and confident vibe coming from the team today.

— President Turner made an appearance at practice.

Horace Richardson left the field early. He got nicked up. Mason is going to need all the corners he can possibly have and Horace is one of his best.

Shakiel Randolph and Darrion Richardson work well together. Today in practice you could see them going over reads together, in between reps.

Darrian Wright was really focused today- had a kind of ‘no nonsense’ approach to practice. His performance on Sunday is going to be pivotal to the defenses’ overall success and I think he knows it.

Ajee Montes is going to have a tough assignment no matter who he lines up against. While no one on the team looks nervous about Sunday, Montes is definitely the most confident. Which in my opinion is a good thing- you need a little extra confidence at CB or WR.

— Neal Burcham looked solid in red zone and good overall.

— Davis threw an interception in red zone drills, badly missed open receiver, but he did show good speed again moving out of the pocket on a couple runs.

Kevin Pope looked really good today, his legs looked fresh and he moved very well.

— Joseph, Lancaster, Nelson, and Thompson looked loose and focused during practice.

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