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5:45 pm— SMU and Baylor players starting to get warmed up for the game. The stands are filling up and we're 45 minutes from kickoff! About a handful of SMU fans look like they made the trek.

6:30— Baylor takes the field!

1st Quarter Analysis: 24-0 Baylor

Mistakes kept SMU from staying somewhat close to Baylor in the first quarter. A fumble by Stephen Nelson gave Baylor the ball inside the SMU 10 yard line and they capitalized. The Mustangs also had a breakdown on punt coverage and allowed Baylor to get inside the SMU 5-yard line. SMU has to limit mistakes the rest of the game because the Bears can take advantage.

With Matt Davis entering the game after sitting out some of practice this week, SMU's offense looked a little more confident at at least. With Davis in the game, that gives SMU a quarterback with more mobility against the Bears, who have been eating SMU's offensive tackles' lunch most of the first quarter. Burcham came back in, but even after a great kick return by Deion Sanders, Jr. SMU backed up and couldn't muster a field goal. June Jones took Burcham out mid-drive and Davis couldn't connect on a 4th down play.

Defensively, SMU made enough plays to keep Baylor to just 17 points even with the miscues on offense and special teams. Bryce Petty hasn't been able to find a true groove yet, missing a few down the field throws, but once he gets heated up, this game will get out of hand quickly. SMU has to rotate defensive players much more to get pressure on Petty.

Oh and just while I was finishing this, Baylor burns SMU for a long TD. Hayden Greenbauer got caught with a stutter step by K.D. Cannon.

2nd Quarter Analysis: 31-0 Baylor

The biggest storyline of the game is SMU's inability to protect either of their quarterbacks. The defense has been put in some terrible positions because of miscues. They have played very well so far in my book.

Davis and Burcham rotated throughout the first half and SMU hasn't had too much success. SMU's best drive came with Burcham at quarterback and they managed to get across the Baylor 50-yard line, but turned the ball over on downs. SMU has really struggled with pass protection and the Ponies have been unable to do much because of it.

SMU has stepped up on defense when it has been put in the bad situations by the offense. The blitz packages are forcing Petty to get rid of the ball quicker than he'd like. Nevertheless, Baylor has managed to put 31 points on the board, but only have 244 total yards in the first half. With Petty hurt, watch for Baylor to sit him in the second half and take the foot off the gas.

SMU's defense has played the bend, but not break style very well. Hopefully that can stop the bleeding in the second half.

3rd Quarter Analysis: 38-0 Baylor

SMU's defense was again the story, holding the Bears to just seven points. The team blocked a field goal, managed to give it back to Baylor, but forced a fumble to end Baylor's drive. The offense was a completely different story.

Neal Burcham was the only QB seen and looked a little more composed, but still couldn't muster anything good on offense. The Mustangs have just 71 passing yards on the day. The Mustangs were supposed to go more vertical this year, but haven't been able to hit any big plays.

It's been a slow death for SMU tonight, but as the game winds down just watch to see if SMU can cover the spread on this one.

4th Quarter Analysis: FINAL 45-0 Baylor

SMU got a chance to work in a lot of reserves in the final stanza. The defense gave up a touchdown with a little over five minutes to go, but SMU fans did get their first look at quarterback Kolney Cassel.

Cassel completed a few passes and moved the offense a little bit. He got rid of the ball quickly and while he took a sack on 4th down, Cassel looked the best out of the quarterbacks as bad as that is. I'd imagine the quarterback position will be up for grabs in the next couple of weeks.

Baylor did cover the spread, but at least Baylor didn't break the largest margin of victory in the SMU series. That game still belongs to the first game, when Baylor beat up SMU 61-0 in 1916.

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