Rapid Reaction: SMU vs. Baylor

Andrew has your rapid reaction to SMU dropping their season opener to Baylor, 45-0.

How it Happened

This game was over after a strike from Bryce Petty to KD Cannon late in the first quarter that made it 24-0. The Mustangs looked completely inept all day on offense shuffling Neal Burcham and Matt Davis in and out throughout the first half trying to find something that would work. Baylor was able to record 6 sacks in the first half and force both Neal Burcham and Matt Davis into making panicked throws, especially on an interception by Matt Davis midway through the second quarter in which he threw across his body and field for an interception. The Mustang defense held their own, holding Bryce Petty to just 13-23 for 161 yards in the first half, although he did not look healthy. Bryce Petty sat out the second half, and with that things slowed down a bit as the defense continued to play well. The same could not be said offensively, as the Mustangs continued to be no threat moving the ball.

What It Means

Offensively, SMU looked overmatched all night but can certainly take some positives from the way their defense played, especially Hayden Greenbauer and Stephon Sanders. The Mustangs will certainly be disappointed with the way the offense looked, but also need to bounce back quickly with more big games to come.

Side Note

Early in the third quarter, SMU blocked a kick by Chris Callahan. What followed from there was pure mayhem. SMU appeared to recover the ball, but it was fumbled away followed by a series of other fumbles. After throwing a flag for an illegal forward pass on Baylor guard LaQuan McGowan and a recovery by SMU, the mustangs took over their 25-yard line. The play then went under review for almost five minutes before it was determined the McGowan was down before the illegal forward pass giving the ball back to Baylor at the SMU 20. SMU bounced back to recover a fumble in the end zone and take over the 25 once again. What’s Next

Next up for SMU is a trip to North Texas next Saturday at 11am. North Texas is coming off a 38-7 loss in which their offense also struggled.

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