9-2 Football Practice Report

Andrew was at SMU football practice and talked with June Jones and Matt Davis plus spotlights the offensive live.

June Jones Press Conference

Matt Davis Q&A

Spotlight: Offensive Line

Offensive Line had a better day but during the team portion there were still multiple plays when then the rush was getting home way too soon. Offensive line was also working against no rush at times but still just working on picking up assignments and moving to the spots they needed to be. Taylor Lasecki did not participate in sprints at the end of practice but was instead on the bike.

Football Practice Notes

— Offensive line was working on blitz pickup with the running backs.

Shelby Walker was able to make a couple of nice grabs including one up the middle that went for a touchdown.

— Shelby Walker had a really good day of practice catching just about everything thrown his way, including some tough catches.

Jeremiah Gaines made a nice grab on a ball for Neal Burcham, extended out out to get it on the run.

K.C. Nlemchi looked good making catches out of the backfield.

Deion Sanders Jr. had a good end of practice making a lot of grabs including a couple throws behind him.

— Rick Hart was out at practice today.

—Team finished practice today with sprints.

— During first portion of team drills, portion of defense stayed back to work on tackling and catching drills.

Shakiel Randolph and Hayden Greenbauer saw time with the ones.

— On the defensive end, it was a very slow practice today as coaches were taking time between plays to go over certain things.

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