9-3 Football Practice Report

The Pony Stampede staff was out at SMU football practice and got Q&As with Hayden Greenbauer and Chauncey Briggs.

Hayden Greenbauer Q&A with Casey Waldron

Chauncey Briggs Q&A with Casey Waldron

Player Spotlight: Matt Davis

Overall, Davis was inconsistent this practice, but he was always loud and trying to pump up his teammates. On the short throws, Davis was accurate for the most part and showed off his strong arm, but Davis also struggled hitting the open receiver down the field. Davis also struggled to consistently throw a tight spiral, which looked to be one of the things affecting his accuracy.

Football Practice Notes

Deion Sanders Jr caught a couple passes coming out of the backfield.

— Mason, Phillips and a couple of the others coaches were really edgy and heated today - Didn't hesitate to get loud and light a couple guys up.

William Barns got some extra time today at center.

— Drops were a bit of an issue today, but not quite as bad as the practice last week.

— Lots of short passes thrown by both Burcham and Davis, and most of the time they generated few or no yards after the catch

— Gresham was practicing with the scout team a little bit.

— Rick Hart came to watch the end of practice.

— Burcham had a decent practice- a few times he held on to the ball a little long and had a couple under thrown passes.

— Burcham had Shelby Walker open deep but never saw him.

— Burcham badly under threw Lancaster on a short throw over the middle.

— Burcham was nearly picked off over the middle again by Bordano.

— Otherwise he was on point- delivered some nice deep balls and fit some into tight windows. He moved really nicely in the pocket, stepped up and threw a nice deep ball to Thompson, but he dropped it.

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