SMU Coaching Clinic Report

Billy went to Larry Brown's coaching clinic Sunday and talked with coach Brown and Kansas coach Bill Self.

Larry Brown Q&A

Bill Self Q&A

Q: Is the star power down a little bit in college basketball this year?
BS: We have maybe less incoming guys that have the star power like Jabari (Parker), Andrew (Wiggins) and a couple other guys had. I don't think we had a team last year going into the season like the team that Kentucky has. There's not a talented team in the last several years like Kentucky has this year on paper.

Q: You're that high on them?
BS: They've got eight McDonald's All-Americans. When has that happened? The Lakers didn't even have that. They had like three. The hype will be more team-oriented than individual. I think that will be good. The quality of our game is definitely better even with the guys not being in school that long. The excitement is always there.

Q: There was so much hype year with the freshmen class. Do you think it's time to pump the breaks?
BS: It was almost unfair because with Joel (Embiid) he could have a bad game and people would say, "ohh he's only been playing three years." With Wigs, he'd get 16 and 7 and people would be saying he's not dominating the way he way he should be. I personally think there was so much hype around a certain group, he and Jabari primarily and Julius Randle too, it probably wasn't fair to them to live up to those expectations. I think it would be nice to emphasize the team deal.

Q: Talk about the job coach Brown has done here.
BS: It's remarkable. Energy, interest, building. There's a lot of things that have taken place since he's been here. A lot of stuff was in place to be done, but he certainly accelerated that. Losing their recruit is a monstrous blow, but I'm sure they're going to be in the NCAA tournament and competing for the league championship. I think it's great what he's done.

Q: Any talk between you two about a home and home?
BS: I don't know about home and home, but we've talked about it. There's a chance we may play sometime. I don't know if it'll be

Q: What principles do you and coach Brown share?
BS: I would say, if a coach could be negative to me, he'd say my team played harder, more unselfish and tougher. That'd the biggest kick in the gut anyone can give me. I think I learned that from him.

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