Introducing the next football coach at SMU...

The Pony Stampede staff takes a stab at picking SMU's next football coach. Off base? Or on the money? Let us know!

Billy's Pick: David Beaty

I've said that SMU's next head coach may not be a hot shot offensive coordinator, but more of a Dan McCarney route. A position coach who has extensive experience as a recruiting coordinator. While Beaty doesn't have extensive experience as a recruiting coordinator, he has the full support of DFW area high school coaches. One called Beaty, "a grand slam." I'm not sure Chad Morris will leave Clemson for SMU and I think Spavital is too young although I like his coaching lineage more than Morris'.

Since Sumlin's arrival in College Station, Texas A&M has had its pick of DFW's top prospects and it's in large part due to Beaty. His credibility with not only DFW coaches, but throughout the state of Texas is better than Morris' at the moment because he's been in-state at A&M. SMU has instant credibility and a new open-door policy to high schools with Beaty's being hired. I'd imagine he'd add a high school coach or two to the staff plus take one or two A&M assistants to build his staff. Beaty's done an excellent job developing his players wherever he has been. Welcome a true high-flying offense to the Hilltop with Beaty at the helm as well.

Scott's Pick: Chad Morris

It won't be easy to pry Morris away from Clemson, as he has said he has no intentions to leave Clemson anytime soon, but this SMU job could be the perfect opportunity for him. After the boosters saw what June Jones was able to do to a dormant program, I'd imagine they'd be chomping at the bit to bring in a top-notch candidate like Morris. Morris is a great offensive mind who, with his Texas high school ties, would be able to thrive in the metroplex area recruiting-wise. Morris also has a much more energetic coaching style, which is what a lot of players respond to and is completely different than June.

Patrick's Pick: Chad Morris

Morris has been linked to the job longer than anyone else, and for good reasons. He was a high school coach in Texas for 16 years, including a stop at state powerhouse Lake Travis in Austin. He also attended Texas A&M.

At Clemson, Morris’ offenses have been among the best in the country. He runs a spread-style offense, but many types of quarterbacks can succeed in it. Most importantly, Morris’ history in Texas is great for recruiting. He has proven to be a successful recruiter and would drastically improve recruiting at SMU, especially in the DFW area. Morris is my pick because of his recruiting ties in Texas and his dynamic offense.

Andrew's Pick: Tom Herman

My top pick to become the next head coach at SMU is Tom Herman, out of Ohio State. Offensively what he has been able to do at Ohio State, Iowa State and Rice has been impressive. Herman brings a run-pass balance to a team that has not seen any sort of balance in a while. Herman has done a great job with Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton in refining their mechanics and allowing them to become huge threats in the Ohio State offense. The running game has also been very good under Herman, something I think SMU could really use to give their defense a little more of a break and control the ball a little more. Herman has Texas ties dating back to his days at Texas, Rice and Sam Houston State, something that the next Head Coach at SMU really has to have. Herman also has been tutored by one of the best in Urban Meyer; something that we have already seen has provided tremendous value to a coach such as Charlie Strong. Finally, Herman can recruit. Herman has been credited as being one of the key pieces in bringing in many of Ohio State’s top recruits for the 2013 class.

Demetrio's Pick: Pete Lembo

I feel like Lembo is low profile enough that SMU could seriously land him. That isnt to say the Mustangs cant lure bigger fish to the Hilltop, but I like the idea of bringing someone in and having moderate expectations. He has coached for three different programs and has been successful at all of em.

Lembo arrived was at Ball State in 2011, and hasn't allowed the Cardinals to finish with a losing record since he has been there. Under Lembo, Ball State has posted a 19-7 record and gone to back-to-back bowl games over the last two seasons. His career record stands at 104-49 in 13 years.

Wherever he goes, Lembo is doing something right. I wouldn't be surprised to see him jump to a bigger program. He may not be the flashiest of prospects, but he has a lot if upside.

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