Engel Evaluations

Patrick takes a look at three SMU football prospects in his latest Engel Evaluations!

O.J. Clark- 2015 WR/CB, Wichita Falls HS (Wichita Falls, Texas)

Route running: Clark is a shifty receiver with smooth strides. He accelerates away from defenders easily. He will not run many complicated routes, and he is best when he is given the ball in space. Deeper routes are no problem for him either. He can adjust to the ball when it is in the air and if it’s a bad throw, ensure it is not intercepted.

Playmaking ability: Clark will blow everyone away with his 4.4 speed. He turns corners so quickly and never take his foot off the gas in the open field. He is deadly on reverses and end-arounds and can make defenders fall flat trying to tackle him. His accelerates from his cuts and changes direction as well as any receiver.

Hands and technique: Clark’s seldom drops passes and he throws a good stiff arm too. On defense, he finds a way to get his hands on the ball. His hips move well and he has great vision with the ball in his hands.

Where he plays: WR, CB, special teams

Where he will play: Slot WR

Offers: SMU commit. Recently reported interest from Oklahoma State and North Texas.

HT: 5’8”
WT: 160 lbs
40 time: 4.4 seconds
Highlight tape: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/341166/highlights/115217395

Ricky Mata- 2016 CB, North Forney HS (Forney, Texas)

Ball Skills: Mata’s awareness and instincts help him play the ball well. He occasionally does not get his head turned around, but he still knows where to find the ball. He times jumps well and has out-jumped taller receivers to make interceptions.

Coverage: Mata has fluid hips and can stick to receivers. He doesn’t have elite speed so he can get beat occasionally, but his vision and instincts help him make plays.

Versus the Run: At a mere 140 pounds, Mata looks unimposing, but he has surprising strength. He reads plays well and can push around blockers. His tackling solid, but because of his size, he can allow a couple extra yards when trying to bring down a ball carrier. He hits much harder than expected and is a good tackler in the open field.

Where he plays: CB, PR, KR

Where he will play: Slot CB

HT: 5’8”
WT: 140 lbs
40 time: 4.6 seconds
Highlight tape: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3910905/ricky-mata-

Chase Tennyson- 2016 QB, Quitman High School (Quitman, Texas)

Accuracy: Great accuracy when in the pocket and when scrambling. He displays nice touch on all of his passes, even when he has to throw on the run. He anticipates throws well and can put a throw on the dot even if the receiver has not made his cut yet. Tennyson does a good job of putting some throws in spots where only his receiver can touch it. Tough throws do not scare him, he is not afraid to put the ball in a tight window.

Mobility: Tennyson is comfortable throwing outside the pocket and while moving. Plays are never over with him; he changes direction and evades tacklers extremely well. He is athletic and elusive and makes quick cuts when running. He is not the fastest but makes big plays with his feel with his elusiveness.

Arm Strength/Release: Arm strength is displayed when he throws while on the run. He releases crisp throws with good velocity when scrambling and throwing across the field. His deeper throws sometimes have a bit too much air under them, but his arm strength on short and intermediate throws is excellent. He keeps his eyes downfield, especially when scrambling, and rarely throws late.

Footwork/Technique: Tennyson moves outside the pocket a lot, and he has the footwork to do it well. He sometimes throws off his back foot when he does not need to, which results in some of his shorter throws having too much air under them. He should plant his front foot and drive his throws more often, but when he does he delivers pretty throws. His release is quick and compact.

HT: 6’3”
WT: 175 lbs
40 time: 4.7 seconds
Highlight tape: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2124030/highlights/49659375

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