9-17 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio and Scott were at SMU football practice today and talked with coach Mason and took notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Practice Notes

— The team was in shoulder pads and shorts for practice.

— There was music again playing throughout practice.

Kevin Pope did not have shoulder pads on but he was running around the field.

Zelt Minor left practice again early at 8:15 but was not noticeably injured. May have been going in for treatment again.

— The team's first offense and first defense scrimmaged each other and there were even first down markers to make it as real as possible.

— The offense had very little movement down the field and the defense was all over the place.

Kolney Cassel, while he wasn't throwing down the field, he was showing off his strong arm and was pretty accurate.

— But overall, rushing and passing, the offense struggled.

— Stewart made a great catch on a play where Cassel let it rip deep down the field. It was a perfectly placed ball and a sprinting Stewart made the catch over his shoulder for a long TD.

— Kevin Pope was inactive today, but Mason says he is good to go for Saturday. He was simply getting a rest today.

Stephen Nelson also sat out of practice. Nelson has a broken nose- but both he and Mason say he will play on Saturday.

Caleb Tuiasosopo looked good today. He is more active than he was during camp and the coaches are taking notice. As it stands right now Bordano is the starter at the second inside position. However, Mason is letting the two linebackers battle it out for the job.

— J.R. Richardson was seen returning kicks today- this is something Mason says we should expect to see more of. He looked good. SMU has a number of guys that can return kicks, but Richardson looks to be the most dangerous they have put back there so far this season.

7 on 7s:

— Krstich had a beautiful throw to Jeremiah Gaines down the outside of the field for a touchdown.

William Jeanlys had a nice interception on a crossing route in the red zone that was thrown by Krstich.

Ajee Montes had a nice pass break up over the middle on a slant in the end zone.

Shakiel Randolph and Darrion Richardson were both flying around and laying into some of the offensive players.

— Overall, you could definitely notice the energy level was higher than it has ever been. Players were more vocal, more physical, and seemed more invested in what they were doing.

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