9-18 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice today and took notes plus Casey Waldron talked with Taylor Lasecki and Tim Davis!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Taylor Lasecki Q&A

Tim Davis Q&A

Spotlight: Offensive Line

Tim Davis got right to work with the lineman during individual drills today. Davis heavily emphasized lineman being able to handle two rushers at once as well as fixing some of the communication issues they've had. The other key that Davis emphasized was balance. Not as much on the first block but when rushers come back a second time. Davis also seemed to be focusing on raising the intensity of all the lineman and getting them fired up. Stuck with the theme of being fast-paced.

Practice Notes

— Tim Davis was working heavily with the lineman on technique, especially communication and jamming lineman multiple times.

— Krstich made a beautiful throw up top to Der'rikk Thompson.

— Cassel slotted a nice pass between 2 defenders to Thompson.

Daijuan Stewart made a nice grab and managed to stay in bounds on a pass from Davis.

Courtland Sutton made the catch of practice, palmed it out of midair and pulled it in.

Nate Halverson pulled in a nice grab, dragged his feet as well in the corner of the endzone.

— Offensive line was doing push-ups as punishments for their false starts, only happened once though.

— Late in practice, Der'rikk Thompson fumbled on a short pass.

Stephen Nelson didn't have a great day of practice with a couple drops, including dropping a touchdown late in practice on a deep ball from Krstich

Darius Durall showed some wheels today out running the D down the sideline.

— J.R. Richardson reached across to swat a pass away on a pass by Krstich.

Zelt Minor was back at practice today.

Shakiel Randolph had a one arm interception on a pass intended for Shelby Walker, pulled it back into his body.

Adam Waheed had a nice batdown on a pass, reached over and swatted it from in front of Duralls chest.

Troy Castle narrowly missed an int on an overthrown ball.

— Defense had a good day of practice today, were flying around the ball with a couple picks and good tackling.

— Darius Durall and Deion Sanders Jr both saw time retuning kicks today.

— Music still on at practice

— Players were in pads and shorts with their new helmets on.

— Team practiced with down markers and penalties.

— Practice was noticeably spirited again today

— Aaron "Spike" Davis spoke to the team following practice and then lead a rallying chant after. Spike told the team to come together and that there's still a lot to play for. Mason invited him to speak because he's "my type of football player."

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