3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Texas A&M

Andrew looks at three good things and three bad things from SMU's loss against Texas A&M today.

3 Up and 3 Down

3 Up

Der’rikk Thompson

Despite only having 3 catches, Thompson did show a big play ability when he was able to break free for a 53 yard reception from Krstich. This was a promising play for SMU late in the game that gave them a great opportunity to punch one in for a score.

Jackson Koonce

He got to do it a lot today but Jackson Koonce had a very good day punting the ball. He finished the day with 8 punts and had a 45 yards per punt average. Next up for Koonce will be for him to make sure he’s not out kicking his coverage but overall Koonce had a very good day. A lot of Koonce’s punts were tight spirals that had the returners retreating.

Ajee Montes and Stephon Sanders

On what was a very long day for the defense, Ajee Montes and Stephon Sanders were two bright spots when it came to tackling. One of the nicest parts about this was their tackling in the open field which proved to be tough for the rest of the defense.

3 Down


The tackling today was the single biggest disappointment of the day. Twice Jeremy Tabuyo was able to take short passes and just cut his way through the secondary for touchdowns. Neither was that hard of a play to stop. The A&M running backs also had a field day today breaking tackles all day long for easy gains and touchdowns.

QB Play

The quarterbacks had a forgettable day today. It started with Kolney Cassel. He couldn’t get anything done, although he was under pressure almost every pass he threw, though even when he wasn’t the throws were rushed. Krstich wasn’t much better, though he made some nice throws, he repeatedly held the ball way too long today. One other concern that was evident especially with Krstich, is although his rush was nice, he has got to learn to slide otherwise he will be out too soon.

Offensive Line

Though the offensive line certainly made strides in the running game, Krstich and Cassel were under pressure all day long. Some of that was certainly due to A&M being better athletically, but the offensive line certainly struggled especially up the middle.

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