9-23 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and grabbed some Q&As plus notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Chauncey Briggs Q&A

Spotlight: Quarterbacks

It was not a great day for the quarterbacks. During the team portion of practice a lot of receivers were having to reach out and make catches or slide for the ball. Krstich looked like the best of the best of the bunch today. Had a few overthrows but other than that was okay today. There were two head scratching interceptions thrown by Matt Davis and Kolney Cassel. Davis's ball that was picked by A.J. Justice wasn't really close and Cassel's to Jonathan Yenga was right at him.

Football Practice Notes

— Players were in full pads today.

Jeremiah Gaines made a great back shoulder catch from Mat Davis during 1 on 1s.

Shelby Walker made a nice catch holding both his feet in bounds before going to the ground for a catch in the endzone. Was pushed by Jeanlys.

— Wide receivers worked on over the shoulder catches during special teams.

Stephen Nelson had a nice sliding catch on a pass from Matt Davis.

— Cassel did zip a touchdown pass to Nate Halverson, but then none of his throws in the red zone after that were really close.

— Whole offense had to do push ups after a false start by Cedric Lancaster.

— Kolney, Davis and Krstich all saw time with the ones.

— Krstich made a nice deep throw to Stephen Nelson.

Courtland Sutton made a great diving grab on a throw from Krstich.

— On a drill to defend bubble screens, Shakiel Randolph made a great tackle, putting a hit on Shelby Walker as soon as he caught it.

— Defense overall struggled tackling in the open field on this drill though.

— Shakiel Randolph then made a great swat away on a pass intended for Walker in the endzone.

— A J Justice made a nice sliding interception on a poorly thrown ball from Matt Davis.

— Justice made a nice bat down on a throw by Krstich.

— Jonathan Yenga intercepted Cassel on a throw to the right side. Hit him right in the chest.

— The defense nearly had another pick off of Cassel on a batted ball in the air, Tuiasasopo couldn't quite get to it.

— Shakiel Randolph had a good practice today, had a lot of intensity, and broke up a few passes.

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