9-24 Football Practice Notebook

Demetrio, Scott and Patrick were out at SMU football practice. Check out their Q&As and notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Garrett Krstich Q&A

Ajee Montes Q&A

Football Practice Notes

— Players were in shoulder pads and shorts.

— They were wearing the new chrome helmets.

— Music again throughout practice- becoming a regular theme.

— The team did a drill where defenders had to catch an offensive player from behind and strip the ball, but the offensive players were generally too fast.

— Garrett Krstich was the main guy, but Matt Davis and Kolney Cassel each saw some time with the 1's, both in regular drills and in red zone drills.

— The 2's and 3's on defense got some time against the 1's on offense.

— Krstich's first throw was on a deep in to Nate Halverson. He delivered a perfect throw that Halverson took the end zone.

— Ajee Montes, playing up near the line, lit up Prescott Line on a run.

— Krstich had a couple nice plays where he avoided pressure and delivered nice throws in a collapsing pocket by stepping up.

— He delivered a nice deep throw down the right sideline to Cedric Lancaster.

Courtland Sutton saw more time, and nearly made a diving catch on a slightly overthrow deep ball down the sideline.

Darius Joseph twice made nice grabs near the sideline on 15-yard out routes.

— Overall, Krstich had a good day. He had a few high throws, but nothing awful. He threw a near-interception when Stephen Nelson slipped on a crossing route.

Deion Sanders Jr. saw a little time at WR. He dropped a touchdown in red zone drills.

Horace Richardson practiced and looked solid.

Darius Durall, Daijuan Stewart and Sanders (to a lesser extent) all saw time on kick returns.

— Right guard was a rotation between Evan Brown (who didn't play much), Christian Chamagua and Taylor Reich.

Anthony Buffini intercepted Cassel in red zone drills and also broke up two passes on curl routes intended for Jeremiah Gaines.

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