Gilder talks SMU visit, decision date

Pony Stampede Publisher Billy Embody talked with Dallas Madison 4-star SG Admon Gilder, about his visit to SMU and his decision date.

One of Dallas’ best prospects will be coming off the board in just a few short weeks. 2015 James Madison (Tex.) shooting guard Admon Gilder will decide on Oct. 15 from his high school from SMU, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas A&M.

Gilder took in his official visit to SMU this past weekend with Texas A&M in town to play the Mustangs on the football field.

“It was nice. As you know, SMU football is not doing too good, but we still had a great time tailgating and stuff. It was just a good time,” Gilder said. “I experienced a lot. I went out with the coaching staff and players every night. It was one of those really good experiences.”

As far as the impression SMU left on Gilder, the visit exceeded expectations.

“It was way better. I’m thinking like I’m taking a home visit so it’s not going to be like another visit,” Gilder said. “I had a great time. I didn’t know how it was going to be, but it was all good.”

After going out to dinner with the staff and some players every night he was in town, on Sunday, Gilder got to enjoy a more personal side from coach Larry Brown.

“We went out to dinner every night and on my last day, I sat down with him, my mom and dad and we talked about me coming to SMU,” Gilder said. “It was basically saying that this is the right place for me and it will be the best situation for me.”

Gilder got a preview of how he would fit at SMU when he was able to take in individual workouts while on campus. When Gilder scrimmaged with the team, he got an idea of where he is as a player.

“I watched them practice and they had the bigs on one end and the guards on the other end,” Gilder said. “I kind of scrimmaged with them. It felt pretty good. It kind of showed me where I was and what I could work on.”

Aside from taking in practice and the campus, the family atmosphere was what made an impression on the 6-2 guard the most.

“What really stood out was how close the players were and how much love the players get from the coaches everyday,” Gilder said. “It’s like a family place. Even on and off the court. Anytime one of their players needs help or when I’d need help, they’re all going to be able to help me.”

The good vibes Gilder got didn’t stop there with Gilder forming a connection with a fellow Dallas Mustang.

“The players were very cool. One of my hosts (Ben Emelogu) was a Dallas Mustang and came from Virginia Tech and stuff like that,” Gilder said. “He just gave me his point of view and the reasons why I should come to SMU.”

One of Gilder’s would-be assistant coaches, Ulric Maligi, coached the Dallas Mustangs before becoming a college assistant as well.

Gilder’s relationship with Maligi is strong and his relationship with Brown continues to grow with the Hall of Famer expected to visit Madison this week as well.

Gilder also visited with 4-star forward Kerry Blackshear and while the two didn’t talk all that much, they shared some thoughts on the big decisions the pair has coming up.

“He just basically helped me make the right decision because it’s me that’s going to college not them so just think about it and pray about it,” Gilder said.

Gilder’s upcoming decision will be right after an official to Texas A&M with Elijah Thomas on Oct. 11. After that, it will be a family decision.

“Me and my family will make our decision soon,” Gilder said. “We’re just going to make the best decision for me.”

“Just showing me a great time and being real with me,” Gilder said of his upcoming visit.

Gilder and Thomas are best friends and while the pair have talked about playing together, Gilder has said, “if it happens, it happens,” on multiple occasions.

Gilder recently took in Baylor and Oklahoma State as well. With Baylor, it’s easy to say what stood out.

You know they go the new football field that they just built and that’s probably one of the nicest facility I’ve ever seen,” Gilder said. “It was pretty funny. The whole coaching staff is an energetic staff and they’re energetic all the time so they’re always bringing energy, showing Baylor love and all that.”

After plenty of visits to Stillwater, Gilder just got a better idea of how he’d fit with the team.“I’ve been to Oklahoma State before. I had a great time at Oklahoma State. I saw the facilities just like you’d see on every visit, going around the facilities,” Gilder said. “The coaches are really cool. They’re always being honest with me and telling me what I need to know. They’re always going to be there to help me.”

Gilder said he’s excited to get his decision done and focusing on winning a state championship in basketball.

Gilder in Action at GASO

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