9-25 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and grabbed some Q&As plus notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Prescott Line Q&A

Spotlight: Secondary

The SMU secondary looked much better now that all three Richardson's were back. Horace Richardson showed a quick burst on a pass breakup on a throw by Krstich. One guy who had a noticeably good practice was A.J. Justice as he came close to picking off a couple passes. Justice showed a great ability to break on the ball today which was good to see. On top of a few near picks, he also jarred the ball lose twice on passes to Stewart and Joseph. Much of the secondary also finished with a flourish including William Jeanlys and Ajee Montes. Both forced turnovers.

Football Practice Notes

Garrett Krstich fired a strong pass to Nate Halverson over the middle to start practice.

Deion Sanders, Jr. had a good catch over the middle on a high throw from Jordan Severt.

— Offense worked with no line today as they were practicing technique to the side.

Daijuan Stewart did not have a great day of practice, dropping a couple well thrown balls from Krstich.

— Krstich had a pretty good day, was plagued a little bit by drops, but threw the ball well.

— Horace Richardson was again practicing, made a really nice play to swat a ball away on a sideline pass from Krstich.

Stephon Sanders almost picked the next pass on Matt Davis's first throw of practice.

— A.J. Justice almost had a pick today as he broke quickly on a ball. He then followed that up with jarring the ball lose on a pass to Darius Joseph.

John Bordano had a nice interception of Krstich over the middle, didn't look like Krstich even saw him.

— Ajee Montes provided a spark today when he stripped Stephen Nelson for a fumble that was returned back for a touchdown.

Jonathan Yenga made a nice diving breakup on a low throw from Krstich.

— William Jeanlys picked off Matt Davis on a deep throw intended for Thompson.

— Daijuan Stewart, Darius Durall Deion Sanders, Jr, and Aaron Stafford saw time returning punts and kicks today.

— The basketball team was out at practice today running from the bottom of the stands to the top of the second level and back down.

— The team was again practicing in shorts and shoulder pads.

— Team was practicing with their chrome helmets today and once again with music.

— Rick Hart was at most of practice today.

— Was a more low key practice today- guys were into it but they spent a lot of time on special teams today.

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