FREE: Proche returns to Desoto in win

Publisher Billy Embody went out to watch SMU commit James Proche in his first game back from battling acute kidney failure and saw the Desoto receiver put on a show on special teams. Billy talked with Proche and got his thoughts on his first game back and his status with SMU.

James Proche Q&A

Proche Scouting Report

— It was a blowout win for Desoto over Grand Prairie, but Proche was able to get two chances to return punts and both went for big, explosive plays.

— The SMU commit took his first touch of the night 55 yards for a score on a punt return. Proche caught the ball with minimal room to make something happen went up field, made one guy miss and went the distance. At about the 20-yard line, Proche reversed field a couple times to get into the endzone.

—With Desoto’s solid skill players, the offense got the ball to playmakers in space on several occasions. Proche was a big reason why some of these plays went for big yardage. Proche is physical and moves feet well while blocking. On one occasion, he tried to finish the block with authority and ended up getting tied up and drew a hold. Wasn’t a great call, but nonetheless, Proche got caught with a bit of a hold.

— Proche didn’t get many looks in the passing game, playing limited snaps as coach Mathis had planned. Proche’s one catch went for 16 yards on a good curl route. Proche got to the top of his route, sunk his hips and moved laterally to sit down in the zone well.

— Proche ran his routes well for being rusty from being out for so long and played with a lot of passion in Desoto’s blowout win.

Desoto coach Claude Mathis Q&A

Q: What are your thoughts on June Jones’ resignation?
CM: I was surprised, but I’m not over there so I wish them all the luck at SMU. I don’t know what they’re going to do right now.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on potential coaching candidates that you would like to see in there?
CM: No I don’t. Just trying to win state championships. I’ll let those guys handle that over there.

Q: How is SMU perceived in the DFW area?
CM: I think right now they’re trying to turn things around and win a game while recruit at the same time. I know their guys are out. I’ve talked to other coaches in the metroplex that have seen them out, recruiting hard and everything so I wish them all the best.

Q: Have any SMU coaches been around Desoto recently?
CM: I think one of them was at the game last week, but I’m not quite sure.

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