9-30 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and talked with Tom Mason and John Bordano plus took notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

John Bordano Q&A

Spotlight: Offensive Line

Offensive line did not have a great day today. The offense got off to a good start before a snap from Lasecki rolled past Krstich on the 3rd play during team drills. After a break for individual drills, Krstich couldn't get a throw off because the rush got home back to back plays. Davis stopped to have a spirited talk with the offensive line. After that they did get better protection.

Football Practice Notes

— Receivers worked on getting off the press at the line of scrimmage.

— Offense got off to a good start to the team until a poor snap from Lasecki rolled past Garrett Krstich.

Aaron Stafford made a great catch diving behind a defender to make the catch on a throw by Matt Davis

Stephen Nelson made a nice rolling catch on a throw from Matt Davis.

Darius Joseph did not have a good start today, dropped back to back passes then bobbled a pass over the middle but came on strong later in practice.

Ryheem Malone had a nice day with a couple sliding catches.

— Davis had a couple rough throws in practice today but flashed some good plays again.

— Krstich had a nice throw to Stephen Nelson in the corner of the end zone today.

— There were way too many drops by receivers today from everyone.

— Practice ended today with a nice deep throw from Krstich to Stephen Nelson.

Darrion Richardson nearly had two interceptions today the space of a couple minutes but couldn't come up with either. One was undercutting a route and the other on a tipped pass.

Stephon Sanders dropped an easy interception on a throw by Krstich.

— Defensive line had a good day with all kind of pressure on Krstich.

— Defense had a good day today flying to the football.

— The team did one-on-ones, which fired everyone up. The team spent time on that before returning to work in position groups.

— A Redskins scout was in attendance at practice today. Was a very high intensity practice today that got a little chippy at times.

Daijuan Stewart saw time returning kicks today.

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