10-1 Football Practice Notebook

Patrick, Scott and Casey were out at SMU football practice and have notes, Q&As and Tom Mason's press conference.

Tom Mason Press Conference

Jackson Koonce Q&A

Derrick Odum Q&A

Spotlight: Offensive Line

It was an unfamiliar group getting the reps today, with Taylor Reich, Seaver Myers, William Barns and Christian Chamagua all getting first team reps. Even Bo Antunovic got some meaningful reps. Daniel McCarty was not wearing should pads, and Taylor Lasecki left practice early.

Considering it was a new group working together, it wasn't surprising to see them a little out of sync. They did do a decent job of limiting pressure on the QB. Barnes had a high snap that Matt Davis had to jump to catch and he also let the defensive line beat him across his face a couple times.

OL coach Tim Davis was very vocal throughout practice and got fired up when Chamagua made a nice blocking leading to a Pope touchdown.

Football Practice Notes

— Huge shuffling along the offensive line all practice long. Christian Chamagua saw time at LG, RG, and C. Seaver Meyers played both tackle spots. Taylor Reich played some RG. Kris Weeks played LG. Bo Antunovic played a little as well.

— Taylor Lasecki left practice early. William Barns replaced him and had a couple high snaps.

— A Tennessee Titans scout was at practice.

— Rick Hart was also at practice.

Shelby Walker, Chris Hipps and Daijuan Stewart all saw snaps with the 1's. Walker had the most, although he only caught a couple passes. Stewart dropped a ball on a quick out route.

Courtland Sutton also played with the 1's a little bit, and he looked awesome. On a fade, he caught a perfectly thrown deep ball from Davis with two defenders close by and kept both feet in bounds for a touchdown.

— Sutton also caught a touchdown on a deep ball from Krstich with Montes draped right on him. Krstich put it right on the money.

— Overall good day from Krstich and solid one from Davis.

— Davis had a couple inaccurate throws and held the ball once or twice, but his placement overall was good.

— In goalline drills, he threw two perfect balls on a fade to Halverson for scores.

— Krstich did throw a slow ball in the flat, and Montes nearly picked it off.

— He also put a little too much loft under one goal-line pass that Darrion Richardson broke up.

— Practice was chippy towards the end.

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