10-2 Football Practice Notebook

Andrew was at SMU football practice and grabbed some Q&As with Stephon Sanders and Anthony Buffini plus notes!

Tom Mason Press Conference

Stephon Sanders Q&A

Anthony Buffini Q&A

Spotlight: Wide Receivers

Receivers did a nice job today of making some tough catches. There were a fair amount of balls thrown behind them but they showed a nice ability to pull the passes in and then immediately tuck it away. Nate Halverson had a good day of practice today, he pulled in a lot of balls including multiple touchdowns

Football Practice Notes

— Players were in pads, shorts and a helmet.

— Practice was a lot less chippy today.

— Team spent a fair amount of time again on special teams especially punt returns.

Garrett Krstich started out practice with a nicely thrown sideline route to Stephen Nelson.

Matt Davis also had a perfectly thrown ball to Nate Halverson that dropped just over the DB.

Jeremiah Gaines and Halverson had nice catches balls thrown behind them by Davis.

— Both Davis and Krstich were a little off today.

— Davis tried to link up with Der'rikk Thompson a couple times but just put too much air under it.

— Krstich had a nice touchdown pass to Halverson down the sideline.

— Offensive line spent most of practice working on individual drills to the side.

— Davis saw time with the ones towards the end of practice.

— Offensive line saw game action at the end of practice and was better today.

— Davis had a nice touchdown pass to Thompson towards the end of practice.

William Jeanlys almost had a pick today on a corner route, dropped the jump ball on a throw by Krstich.

— Later in practice he almost jumped another route that would have been a pick-six.

Hayden Greenbauer was practicing for the second straight day.

— Defense was really into it at the end of practice, especially along the sideline.

Daijuan Stewart and Cedric Lancaster saw time returning punts today.

Deion Sanders, Jr. and Aaron Stafford saw time returning kicks again.

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