10-8 Hoops Practice Notebook

Patrick was at SMU basketball practice today and has a notebook with Q&As and a practice recap!

Larry Brown Press Conference

Justin Martin Q&A

One-on-One Defense

The team started with the normal routine: shooting/driving work, the trap drill and full-court handoff drill. On the shooting work, Larry emphasized taking a straight line to the hoop today. They next did the usual full-court one-on-one drill, where Larry stressed turning with the ball handler in front and backing up off him.

Passing and Moving

Larry emphasized passing and moving on offense during the full-team practice. He talked about passing and then getting out of the way to open a straight line to the basket for a drive. He said to leave a spot and fill a spot on offense. He talked about being unselfish, saying “have the confidence to give it up and make another guy better.” Justin Martin earned praise for passing up a tough 14-footer to give Sterling Brown the chance to shoot an open three.

Offense only

The team did some offense only drills, practicing setting screens, ball movement, movement without the ball, and getting in position to take a shot. Larry stressed having a strong base to explode off into a dunk.

Nic Moore being vocal

Nic Moore was the most vocal and supportive guy on the court, giving guys instructions and explanations in the full team practice, especially to Keith Frazier. He was giving guys high-fives and was quick to pick them up after making a mistake. He did not hesitate to take charge on offense and run everything.

Practice Quick Hits

— Keith looked better in one-on-one defense, against Nic.

Yanick Moreira flustered Markus Kennedy in the paint and redirected his shot twice.

Ryan Manuel blew past Cannen Cunningham for a layup.

— Keith drew praise for moving with out the ball on offense and then getting in position for an open shot.

Ben Moore saw time again at point guard, and is starting to become more comfortable.

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